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It’s here, it’s here!

At the top of my list of things I hope to score today are a new camera, a popup changing tent (so I no longer have to change in my car), and a few things for my house (maybe new pots? I don’t know… It’s just all so exciting!). I have no clue if any of those are on sale today yet (I’m assuming they are – so stay tuned!). However, I do know that many of the sales today are absolutely amazing.

Because Amazon shared them with me ahead of time. Just so I could share my favorite Amazon Prime Day picks with y’all the moment the sale hit. So here y’all go. Get stoked, friends.

Amazon Prime Day picks

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Okay, let’s do this:

One – Samsung Smart TV

I have a Samsung Smart TV and I absolutely love it. It has such a beautiful picture… making it the perfect TV for binge watching all of your shows. The 55 inch is on sale today for only $399!

Two – Game of Thrones, Seasons 1-6

a) this is the best show on TV. b) it’s back this Sunday… so now’s the perfect opportunity for you to binge watch and get all caught up. Or just rewatch every episode ever because it’s that amazing. And the entire series thus far is on sale for under $70.

Three – Lark & Ro Dress

Not only is this dress legit identical to my red Club Monaco dress, it is now over 40% off! As are all clothes for men, women, and children today!

Four – Adidas Sneakers

Truth be told, I’m in desperate need of new sneakers… and these would be the perfect ones to add to my collection. Since sneakers are up to 60% off today, these are one of my top Amazon Prime Day picks!

Five – Fitbit Blaze

I loved my Fitbit way back when. And – though I am not one to wear a watch ever – I would definitely welcome the opportunity to wear this one. I’ve heard the Fitbit Blaze is really amazing and you can currently score select Fitbit Blaze watches for $60 off.

Six – Hudson Jeans

While all of Amazon’s jeans are on sale today (some up to 60% off!), this pair by Hudson are a particular favorite of mine. I also really love the cut of these ones by True Religion.

Seven – Amazon Echo

I have wanted an Amazon Echo for over a year… so now’s the perfect time to stock up. These are currently $80 off for Amazon Prime Day. AKA they’re only $100… making them one of my top Amazon Prime Day picks.

Eight – SodaStream

My parents have a SodaStream and they love it. I go through crates of sparkling water each week, so finally getting one of these would probably be the environmentally-friendly thing to do. Today, you can get this one for under $60!

Nine – Ninja Blender

I’ve heard these blenders are amazing. AKA much better than my current one that can barely chop through ice to make a smoothie. This one’s currently on sale for under $70.

Ten – Coravin

If you’re a wino like I am, you need a Coravin. Heck, I need a Coravin. They’re currently on sale for 25% off… making this the ultimate time to score one!

Eleven – Sous Vide

I’ve heard the most amazing things about cooking with a Sous Vide. I’ve balked at buying one in the past due to the price tag, but, today, they’re on sale for 35% off.

Honorable mention: Rosetta Stone – today you can save up to 48% on Rosetta Stone! I’ve had a goal for a long time to learn another language and now’s the perfect opportunity for me to get my sh*t together and actually start learning!

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