My Favorite Activities for Summer in Texas

My Favorite Activities for Summer in Texas

First off, shout out to Tobi for hooking me up with this stunner of an off-the-shoulder bell-sleeved dress! It’s soooo gorgeous – the smocked detail makes it perfect for day while the silhouette makes it ideal for night too!

Plus: who doesn’t love a white mini dress in the summer?

Especially because a dress like this doesn’t hold in heat – which is absolutely necessary in the hot Texas summer. And it covers most of my arms from being sunburned. Necessary for this super pale human.

After nearly 25 years of living in Texas, I’ve figured out a few tricks to staying cool… while staying entertained. So I thought I’d share some of my favorite activities for summer in Texas.

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What I’m Wearing:

Dress: Tobi, c/o / Shoes: Marc Fisher / Clutch: Shiraleah (more straw clutches here)
Earrings: Tuckernuck / Ring: Ann Taylor

Okay, just right off the bat you should know one thing: I’m an indoor human. In case my flawless porcelain skin didn’t clue you in on that one. And the combination of ridiculous heat, strong sun, and my reluctance to spend an hour covering every inch of my body in SPF 110 (yes, it exists) means my time inside is doubled (if not tripled) during the height of the summer months.

So just as a disclaimer, all of my recommended activities for summer in Texas are indoors.

So if you need something to do outside… Umm… Go to the pool? Or – even better – find an outdoor ice plunge? IDK I’m just making this up as I go.

My Favorite Activities for Summer in Texas:

1. Eating (inside… at restaurants)

I’d be lying if I said eating wasn’t at the top of my list of favorite activities for summer in Texas. Eating’s always at the top of my list for literally everything. Things to do when you’re happy? Eat. Things to do when you’re sad? Eat. Things to do when you’ve run out of things to do? Eat.

My mom hates when I say that last one but whatever… it’s true.

As I mentioned in this post, during the summer, restaurants basically freeze you out. Particularly the sushi/seafood restaurants. And it is a GLORIOUS alternative to sweating buckets outside.

Plus: there’s food involved. Automatic plus.

For Dallas restaurant recommendations, click here (or click here for Austin restaurant recommendations!).

2. Museums

Every summer, I try to hit up all of the museums in Dallas as frequently as I can. They’re all air conditioned to the max and they tend to have the best exhibits during the summer months. Plus this is a family-friendly activity, so those of you with kiddos should definitely put all of your local museums at the top of your to-do list.

Some of my favorite museums in Dallas include the Perot, the DMA, and the George W. Bush Presidential Center at SMU.

3. Movies

You know how you’re always freezing at the movies? That makes going to movie theaters pretty ideal in terms of weekend (or weeknight!) activities for summer in Texas. When it hits 105°F, there’s nowhere I’d rather be than freezing my a** off in a movie theater, watching some absurd superhero flick.

Preferably starring Henry Cavill.

God, he’s good looking.

4. Farmers Market

This last one is probably unique to Dallas BUT it still counts as one of my favorite activities for summer in Texas. The Dallas Farmers Market is a giant air conditioned (!!) building, hosting one of the best farmers markets in Texas.

I like to go for brunch at one of the stalls nearby before popping over to go shop the farmers market (because we all know it’s a bad idea to go food shopping on an empty stomach!).

Did I forget any? What are some of your favorite indoor activities for summer in Texas? Let me know in the comments below!

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