My Weekly Fitness Routine

My Weekly Fitness Routine

I meant to post more this week… but the week totally got away from me. I worked several 10+ hour-long days and – quite honestly – the last thing I want to do when I get home after a day like that is work more. But, due to a combination of the Nordstrom Sale opening for public access on Friday (see all of my activewear picks here!) and the fact that I get so many emails about my weekly workout routine as a curvy blogger, I stood up against lazy me and wrote this post after a very long day.

The first thing that I want to communicate in this post is that looks can be misleading: just because somebody is skinny, doesn’t mean they’re healthy… just like somebody being curvier doesn’t mean they’re unhealthy. I describe my body type as “curvy” (I range from a size 6 to a size 10, based on the brand) and I work out regularly. I try to eat healthy. At the start of the summer, I started working out with a personal trainer. This was not in lieu of other workouts: my sessions with The Kalon Life are in addition to my already existing weekly fitness routine.

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What I’m Wearing:

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What Kami’s Wearing:

Top: The Kalon Life / Pants: Outdoor Voices / Sunglasses: Quay Australia / Shoes: Asics

My goal with my weekly fitness routine and health regimen isn’t necessarily to lose weight (although I’d be fine with that happening tbh); my goal is simply to strive to be the healthiest version of myself. Instead of becoming skinny, I want to become strong. To become less self-conscious and more confident.

To be honest, making this commitment is freaking hard. Much harder than one might think. Who wants to set an alarm for a 6AM workout after working till 10PM? Not me – that’s for sure.

To motivate me to get to the gym almost every morning, I employ a few tactics. For my sessions with The Kalon Life, it’s having somebody else to hold me accountable. Kami (my trainer) and I are friends and I know for a fact that she will call me out if I blow off a 6AM session (and I’ll likely get more than a few angry texts for making her wake up early for no reason!). Same goes for my weekend Pilates classes at Studio6. My solo gym sessions tend to be stood up a lot more frequently… but lately, I’ve been using clothes as inspiration to get me out of bed. Because let’s be real: if a chic top, fun pants, and colorful sneaks won’t get me out of bed, likely nothing will.

My Weekly Fitness Routine:

Monday – 45-minute-long personal training session with The Kalon Life. These sessions are about 25% cardio and 75% strength. Some of my favorite moves we do are deadlifts, squats, planks, and Russian twists.

Tuesday – 45-minute-long cardio workout. I typically use this time to catch up on my TV shows (perfect motivation for me!). Since I can’t run, I set the treadmill to 3.7-4.0 miles per hour on a moderately steep incline.

Wednesday – rest. I try to take the stairs more or spend more time walking around on Wednesdays to make up for the lack of gym time. For instance, yesterday I went on two Starbucks runs and spent most of the day either walking around or using a standing desk at work.

Thursday – 45-minute long cardio workout. More TV catchup time… this time, accompanied by an elliptical. Depending on the day, my resistance ranges from 4.0 to 8.0, with the incline ranging from 5.0 to 10.0. However, I do alternate between going forwards and going backwards – I go forwards for 7 minutes and then backwards for 3 minutes.

Friday – 45-minute-long personal training session with The Kalon Life. Like the ones on Mondays, these sessions are about 25% cardio and 75% strength.

Saturday – 50-minute-long pilates class. I go to Studio6 Fitness now, but I also love Beyond Pilates here in Dallas. The Studio6 classes are on a megaformer and are Lagree Pilates (very core-intensive), which I love. The class I typically attend on Saturdays is focused on working the butt and arms.

Sunday – 50-minute-long pilates class. This class is more of a full-body workout than the Saturday class is, but both are equally exhausting. In my Studio6 class, the moves I love the most are saw, frog, and standing inner (and outer!) thighs.

Throughout the week, I do my best to eat healthy (aside from the occasional chips and queso). I drink 8-10 cups of water each day (at minimum) and – despite appearances on my Instagram Stories – I keep the alcohol to a minimum (less than 6 drinks per week).

Do you have any fitness tips or tricks? What’s your weekly routine? Please share in the comments below – I’d love to learn!

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