The 5 Best New Shows to Binge Watch This Summer

The Best New Shows to Binge Watch This Summer

I have been looking forward to writing this post ever since I had the idea for it… nearly 3 months ago.


Because I freaking love binge-watching TV shows. And I watch so many shows. So I went through all of the new shows (and I mean brand-new shows) to find which ones are the best new shows to binge watch this summer. Just so I can share my findings with y’all. So we can binge watch together.

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BTW that face I’m making in the second-to-last photo is the face I always make whenever I finish a show and don’t know what to watch next. Let’s call that face confusion-meets-boredom, Amanda-style.

I love watching TV. Typically, I’ll have a show on in the background while I’m doing blog work. I almost always use my morning gym workouts as an opportunity to catch up on my favorite shows.

As a result, I watch a lot of TV. Good TV, bad TV… I have my fair share of guilty-pleasures (like Still Star-Crossed on ABC – RIP). But I definitely have a few shows I’d recommend this summer – my list of the best new shows to binge watch this summer!

The 5 Best New Shows to Binge Watch this Summer:
  1. The Last Tycoon – Amazon Prime
    This show is so so good. I watched the pilot when it came out months ago and I’ve been excited for the full series ever since. I watched all nine episodes in under two days… and it definitely did not disappoint! The show takes place in the mid-1930s in Hollywood and it is so beautifully done. Plus the costumes are excellent… definitely one of the best new shows to binge watch this summer! (By far!!)
  2. The Collection – Amazon Prime
    This show is a period drama, taking place in Paris in the aftermath of World War II. It’s all about one of the premier fashion houses of Paris, at a time when high fashion was frowned upon due to the devastation the Nazis left in their wake after leaving Paris. The clothes are truly beautiful, and the story has so much more depth than meets the eye in episode one.
  3. I’m Dying Up Here – Showtime (can also watch on Hulu)
    This show is so legitimately funny. And dark. And I love a good dark comedy. It’s about a comedy club in L.A. in the 1970s, and about the individuals (aka comedians) that keep it running. This show comes out in a one-episode-per-week format, but I’d still recommend starting the binge-watch-athon now. It’s that good.
  4. The Handmaid’s Tale – Hulu
    This show is dark. So I actually don’t recommend binge-watching more than a few episodes in a sitting. BUT it’s so so good. It’s also based on a book – so you can read that after finishing the show to tide you over until the next season starts!
  5. Good Girls Revolt – Amazon Prime
    Amazon Prime is really killing it – 3 shows made it onto my list of the best new shows to binge watch this summer! This one came out earlier in the year, but I still highly highly recommend it. It’s all about the cultural revolution of the late 1960s… and how women at a news magazine fought in their own unique ways for workplace equality.

What are your favorite shows this summer? Let me know in the comments below – I’d love to get more recommendations!

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