11 Fashionable Backpacks for MBA Students

Best bag for MBA student

Hi, friends! I’ve been taking the past two weeks as some personal time but I’m BACK. And ready to rock. Just in time for back-to-school.

This week is orientation week for my MBA program. Getting back into the swing of things, meeting the first years, remembering where everything is on campus. That whole shebang.

Leading up to the start of the fall semester, many of my friends from school have been asking me where to score (and which ones I would particularly recommend) fashionable backpacks for MBA students. So I thought I’d round up some of my faves, in the hopes that it helps y’all in your quest for a professional backpack.

Best backpack for business school Professional backpack

Ann Taylor navy blouse
Best backpack for graduate students

Fashionable Backpacks for MBA Students Madewell Transport Rucksack

What I’m Wearing:

Shirt: Ann Taylor | Skirt: Ann Taylor | Shoes: Vince Camuto | Backpack: Madewell

Okay, obviously the backpack I’m wearing is my #1 recommendation when it comes to fashionable backpacks for MBA students. I’ve been seriously OBSESSED with it lately. I bought it from Shopbop about two weeks ago (it’s still available from Madewell!).

It came in last Monday and I’ve barely taken it off since. It’s perfect for toting my computer to a coffeeshop to do blog work (I’ve been digging Halcyon on Greenville lately!) , while being roomy enough to fit all of my textbooks and binders this fall. I also really like the worn leather look – it goes perfectly with just about any outfit. It’s going to be great for traveling, awesome for school, and definitely ideal for when I graduate and officially become a professional.

Also: the front pocket can easily fit 2 cans of beer. Fun thing I discovered over the weekend.

So really: is it really any wonder why this backpack is at the top of my list of favorite backpacks for MBA students?

And now for the rest of the list…

My Favorite Fashionable Backpacks for MBA Students
  1. This one from Madewell, as seen above. It has a bit of a price tag attached, but, from the reviews, it seems very durable. I bought this one and I definitely think it’s worth it!
  2. This pink beauty from Herschel Supply Company. At only $60, it’s definitely one of the most affordable options on my list of recommended backpacks for MBA students. It actually looks a lot like my backpack from last year (which I wrecked… whoops). I also really love this shade of pink: it’s professional, yet also way feminine!
  3. Okay. This convertible backpack is pretty pricey… but I absolutely love the oxblood color. And the fact that you can either wear it as a backpack or as a shoulder bag! Also it has such a trendy shape – perfect for the fashion-forward grad student!
  4. For those of you who love the idea of a bucket bag but (a) don’t want to wear a shoulder bag to class or (b) don’t want to wear real leather, this slouchy backpack is a great option. It’s shaped like a bucket bag, but it has all of the advantages of being a backpack (aka can fit a computer and won’t wreck your shoulder!). Plus at under $125, it’s pretty reasonably priced!
  5. Okay before you fall in love with this gorgeous rose-toned backpack, I have a confession: it’s a diaper bag. But your fellow MBA students don’t need to know that! One of my friends bought this bag as her diaper bag / work bag and it functions beautifully as both! I really like the tassel action. And the fact that it’s only $100.
  6. I actually stumbled across this leather backpack while helping one of my friends search for a professional-yet-feminine briefcase. This backpack made it onto my list of fashionable backpacks for MBA students because it has all of the chic lines of a briefcase, but it’s still easy to carry since it’s a backpack. Plus I really like the color of the tanned leather… so pretty!
  7. In the same vein, but much more fashionable and at a slightly steeper price tag ($300), we have this gorgeous oxblood folio-style backpack. I’m seriously obsessed. Just imagine how cute this will be come fall, strolling across the quad with the leaves changing colors and falling all around you. I came very close to buying this one, but ended up going for option #1 due to the fact that Dallas doesn’t really get a fall. But trust me: if I were still at Cornell (or anywhere that has an actual fall), I’d be all about this one!!
  8. And from expensive to inexpensive: how about an über minimalist bag for only $51? It’s simple and perfect for work or play. Plus it has the bucket bag action without the hefty price tag!
  9. Looking for a more unisex option? I love this navy rucksack! Herschel Supply Company makes great bags (I bought one for myself this year – see #11!). This one’s $100 and ROOMY AF. Plus, with a drawstring closure and buckles, it’s a safe option for those of you who go to school in the big city. And yes, I mean that in the most literal definition of the word “safe”.
  10. Perhaps you want a more traditional option, but with a [leather] twist. Because leather twists are the best twists. Ahem. But really: this backpack from Madewell is gorgeous and cut just like the backpacks I used to wear in elementary school! Just like with my leather backpack, this one comes in a lovely tanned leather (as well as in black). PS you can monogram it.
  11. And finally: obviously this pretty pink one caught my eye! And then it sealed the deal with an amazing price tag (umm how can you beat $33?!?!). Keep an eye out for how I style this backpack for business school classes later this week.
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