Blogging 101: How to Choose a Blog Name

 How to Choose a Blog Name

Today’s my first day back at school… and, after months of receiving tons of questions about starting a blog, I’m finally assigning y’all a bit of coursework. This week, I’ll be going step-by-step through my best tips on starting a blog, beginning with how to choose a blog name!

This new series will guide you through starting (and, later, running) a blog. Consider this week the beginner classes (or pre-requisites if we’re sticking with the school theme)!

Tips for Finding a Memorable Domain Name

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Best Blog Name Ideas
How to Name a Blog

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Steer Clear of Names that Already Exist

First things first: my biggest tip on how to choose a blog name. Do not copy somebody else’s name. Not only does that show a lack of creativity, but it also will tank your SEO score long-term. And SEO (which I’ll fully delve into at a later date) is how you show up in the Google rankings. And, as we all know, if you’re not on the first page of Google results, you might as well not exist.

So, basically, don’t base your blog name on somebody else’s blog name. For instance, if you’re thinking something along the lines of Gal Meets [blank] or [blank] Small Blonde, you should probably nix those names and leave them to Julia of Gal Meets Glam and Brooke of One Small Blonde.

This rule also includes names that are trademarked or brand names. You can get around this part of the rule by using nicknames (like Loubies and Lulu does) or combining brand names with non-trademarked names (like Champagne & Chanel does). However, I would highly recommend steering clear of any names you think might be even slightly questionable in terms of trademarked names as legality can come into play.

Instead, when figuring out how to choose a blog name, make a play on your own name like The Miller Affect, Fleurdille, and Venzedits. Or think of categories of products you love (like Sassy Red Lipstick), your career (like historian / world traveler / fashion blogger History in High Heels), or locations (like Lonestar Southern and Walking in Memphis in High Heels).

Be Unique and Specific

But make sure you’re specific. One of my biggest regrets is that my blog name is fairly non-specific. Don’t get me wrong: it has worked in my favor over the years… especially as I cover topics from fashion to food, travel to events. But I can’t help but think how things would’ve been different (SEO and following-wise) if I had chosen a more specific or catchier name.

With names like A Dash of Details and Travel in Her Shoes, you immediately know what to expect. With the former, a fashion blog; the latter, a fashion and travel blog. Find something completely unclaimed thus far by the internet (yes, this will likely require a few iterations and you’ll go through 20+ names, but it’ll be worth it in the end). Try to make it obvious to anybody who encounters your blog name what kind of blog you are.

Choose a Non-Time-Specific Name

If you name your blog about being in college, what happens when you graduate? If, instead, you make a reference to being in your 20s in the title, what will you do when you turn 30?

One exception to this rule is The College Prepster, who has created a very successful blog even after graduating college. But part of that success comes from the fact that she has tapped into the college audience and continues to target that audience, even though she graduated years ago.

My Tips on How to Choose a Blog Name – At a Glance

  1. Steer clear of trademark brand names, or other names that already exist (this is for your own legal protection too)
  2. The more unique and specific, the better
  3. Stick with non-time-specific names, as you can outgrow them and their relevancy otherwise

And there you have it: my best tips on how to choose a blog name. No matter what you choose, I recommend asking friends for their thoughts and googling the selected name repeatedly. In fact, one of my friends came up with my blog name for me. You never know when and where inspiration will strike.

Check back tomorrow for Blogging 102, in which I’ll cover how to choose a blog theme… and all the technical basics of setting up a blog for the first time!

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