Blogging 104: How to Write Your First Blog Post

How to Write Your First Blog Post, Ann Taylor Skirt

This post is the fourth installment of my blogging basics series. We started with how to choose a blog name (aka step 1), progressed to how to set up a blog and then to my favorite social media tools for bloggers, and now we’re finally ready to figure out how to write your first blog post.

Before we dive in, please keep in mind that it has been a very long time since I wrote my first blog post. As in about 4 years.

But figuring out how to write your first blog post is something that kind of stays with you throughout your blogging journey. Occasionally, I’ll catch myself feeling like a blog post is my first-ever blog post. When in fact it’s more like my 660th post (ps this is actually my 660th post!). I’ll be jittery and nervous and make my friends read and reread it before I agree that it’s okay to publish. But you needn’t put that much pressure on yourself. When first starting your blog, it should be your creative outlet and tons of fun- not stressful!

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Okay first things first: do not freak out if you only get a handful of views on your post. It’s your first post, after all! As with just about anything in life, you have to walk before you can run… and you have to crawl before you can walk. Page views come with time (and consistent posting, SEO, effective social media strategies, and hours upon hours of work).

Even if your first post is only read by your friends and family, it doesn’t matter: your first post is just step 1 of your blogging journey. It sets the stage for all that is to follow, but you don’t need to fully realize (or articulate) that at the time.

My Tips on How to Write Your First Blog Post

Now for the meat of this post: all of my best tips on how to write your first blog post.

As I said above, your first blog post should set the stage for your blog. It should clearly articulate who you are and which topic(s) your blog will cover.

Introduce yourself

Ask yourself: who are you and why are you starting this blog? Even if it’s as simple as “I’m Carrie and I’m starting this blog because I’m bored and feel like watching 14 hours of Netflix isn’t the most productive use of my time.” That’s relatable. It also gives readers at least some idea as to what to expect in terms of posting regularity. Somebody who is blogging as a creative outlet will likely post more than somebody who is blogging because he’s/she’s bored.

You should also give your readership some background as to who you are. I’ve since migrated this information to my About Me page, but your first post should contain something pretty similar. Are you currently in school? In which part of the world do you live? What are some fun facts about you? Make it as personal as possible so you can show your readers your personality.

Be as specific as possible

Define your blog. In my case, instead of saying Glitter & Spice is a “fashion” blog, I would say it’s a blog focused on “feminine fashion for the professional girl with curves who also likes to occasionally spend a Saturday day-drinking champagne on a patio.” This description is specific enough to let your audience know what type of content to expect, while also being still open-ended enough to allow for other types of content (like my formalwear content… and even my travel vertical).

If you want to be a food blogger, drill down to what exactly your focus will be. Are you a gluten-free baker who wants to focus on comfort food? Do you keep a kosher kitchen and try to include wine in almost all of your recipes? The more specific you can get, the more people who fit your ideal reader base will start to follow you!

Use Imagery

When I first started my blog, I used my iPhone camera to take all of my photos. Now, I look back on those photos and cringe.

I had so many posts when I first started out that either had no photos or just really really crappy photos. No thank you.

When writing this introductory blog post, remember that images are just as important as the actual text… especially since most people tend to just scroll and look at pretty pictures. Try to include 5-7 photos in every post. Invest in a good camera (I used this one until quite recently, accompanied by this lens for all of my fashion photos), learn the basics of Photoshop and/or Lightroom, and upload the highest-quality imagery that you can. I also recommend shooting in RAW and then saving the images in .jpg form after editing (upload the .jpg version).

Find Your Voice

Finally, be yourself! I’m extremely sarcastic and that is evident in my writing as well. I make weird movie references and go off on tangents halfway through a paragraph. It’s just kinda my thing.

But what about you? You’re figuring out how to write your first blog post – what is your voice? Now’s the time to decide. Maybe you’re a much more serious writer. Or you’re a natural comedian/storyteller. Do some soul-searching and figure out what makes you you.

The greatest compliment I receive from my friends (and followers I meet!) is that my blog posts read like how I speak. That, for them, reading one of my blog posts is almost like having an actual conversation with me – my personality shows through my writing that much.

And there you have it: how to write your first blog post according to yours truly. It may seem daunting, but power through and be yourself. If you have any additional questions, please let me know in the comments below!

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