My Favorite Places to Shop for Statement Earrings

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In my circle of friends, I am known for my statement jewelry. My dresser is legit¬†covered in statement necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. I probably own 20+ pairs of statement earrings alone. But… where do I find them?

After being asked that very question 7 times this past week by my friends, I thought it about time I share all of my favorite places to shop for statement earrings.

My Favorite Places to Shop for Statement Earrings

My Favorite Places to Shop for Statement Earrings

BaubleBar (One | Two | Three) | Tuckernuck ( One | Two | Three) | Ann Taylor ( One | Two | Three)
Kate Spade (One | Two | Three) | Nordstrom (One | Two | Three)

Probably 50% of my statement earrings are from BaubleBar. Their pieces are just fantastic. I truly love all of their statement earrings. I purchased the earrings in this post and this post from BaubleBar.

Tuckernuck is a rising star in the statement earrings game. These earrings are from Tuckernuck (featured in this post). I’m also seriously obsessed with this pair, this pair, and this pair. Tuckernuck’s earrings tend to be a bit pricier, just a head’s up!

I rediscovered Ann Taylor about this time last year. Since then, probably 70% of my purchases have come from Ann Taylor. And same goes for my statement earrings (like these). Each season, Ann Taylor releases some of the most fun statement earrings on the market. Just wait until their holiday collection hits… their items are always gorgeous and perfect for holiday gifts. Hence why they’re at the very top of my list of my favorite places to shop for statement earrings.

My statement earring obsession started with Kate Spade. About 5 years ago, I bought a pair of Kate Spade sparkly statement earrings. And my obsession has been uncontrollable ever since. Currently, I have my eye on a few pairs of statement jewels from Kate Spade. I particularly love these earrings and these earrings (and this necklace btw!).

Finally: Nordstrom. Nordstrom has just about everything under the sun that one could ever desire… so is it really a surprise that they kill it at the statement earrings game? Not only does Nordstrom carry retailers on my list like BaubleBar and Kate Spade… but they also carry a few of my other faves like Kendra Scott.

Honorable Mentions: Anthropologie and Etsy

There are two very particular reasons why neither of these retailers made my list of the best places to shop for statement earrings.

The first, for Anthropologie, is because I simply forget to check Anthropologie for statement jewels. However, I love these earrings, these earrings, and these earrings, so that might have to change. STAT.

The second, for Etsy, is because I have trouble sorting through all of the riffraff to find the actually killer pieces of statement jewelry. However, I found these earrings on Etsy (under $10!), so I know for a fact that there are some amazing pieces for sale. It’s just a matter of spending the time to find them!

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