Comfy Clothes to Wear to a Casual Thanksgiving

Navy Ruffle Sweater and Pink Corduroy Pants, Comfy Clothes to Wear to a Casual Thanksgiving

Hi friends! A) Happy Halloween!!! B) I’m so excited to share all of my ideas for comfy clothes to wear to a casual Thanksgiving with y’all… but first, an apology:

If you subscribe to my newsletter, you’ll know that I promised a post last Thursday and I didn’t deliver. And then yesterday was Monday – one of my regular posting days – and, again, I didn’t deliver.

Truth be told, I got caught up all the activities of the weekend. I absolutely love Halloween and this weekend was jam-packed with celebratory events. Don’t get me wrong: this weekend was one of the most fun weekends I’ve had in a long time. Two Halloween parties and a Leann Rimes concert in Fort Worth. Apparently that’s my recipe for success.

Which set me up for a crazy Monday because yesterday was stupid busy. So much work to complete. But at least I got it all done and now y’all get a fun blog post.

A fun blog post to kick off all my holiday goodness! So cue that celebratory dance, y’all.

How to style cowboy boots

Oasis Navy Ruffle Sweater with a keyhole back
Sole Society saddle bag

Where to get SUGARFIX by BaubleBar necklaces Blush pink corduroy pants Comfy Outfit to Wear to Thanksgiving Dinner

What I’m Wearing:

Sweater: Oasis / Pants: J.Crew / Boots: Lucchese / Purse: Sole Society
Necklace: SUGARFIX by BaubleBar / Rings: BaubleBar, BaubleBar

We have barely more than three weeks till Thanksgiving. And, in my family, that means just over three weeks till we feast. We feast like there’s no tomorrow.

Because we have a tendency to gorge ourselves, this time of year, I’m always on the lookout for comfy clothes to wear to a casual Thanksgiving. In years past, I’ve gone so comfy casual as to wear leggings (my ideal Thanksgiving look TBH).

I spend Thanksgiving with my family down in Austin. Each year, my sister and I start the day off with our annual photos with our dog, Feebee. I then wander into the kitchen and pull my mother away from hovering over the oven (woman can’t bake) as my grandparents pop open a bottle of Honey Jack Daniels (they’re big fans). Then, the family sits down for our Thanksgiving “dinner” in the mid-afternoon, my sister shoves people out of the way as we all reach for the chocolate pecan pie, and we finish off our Thanksgiving with everybody passing out all around the living room.

Hence our need for comfy clothes.

Comfy Clothes to Wear to a Casual Thanksgiving

When shopping for Thanksgiving clothes, you want to keep comfort (aka stretch) in mind. This Thanksgiving, I’ll likely be wearing either these pants or these pants (they’re so stretchy). Since Austin tends to be pretty warm – even in November – I try to always dress in layers.

A short-sleeve or sleeveless blouse with a cardigan… Or a lightweight sweater like the one I’m wearing above with boots, booties, or flats.

Or you can always pull a look out of my sister’s vault and opt for pajamas. Aka the best comfy clothes to wear to a casual Thanksgiving.

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