The Best Bras for DD+

The Best Bras for DD+

The best bras for DD+. Honestly, this is one of my most-requested topics on Glitter & Spice. Shopping for DD+ bras can be hard. Many retailers don’t carry DD+ sizes… or, if they do, they only carry random band sizes.

And if they do have the size, the bra is typically ugly AF.

No bueno.

There are a few retailers that have really nailed the bra scene though. Nordstrom and ASOS are two of my go-to faves… and up-and-coming brands like Adore Me are starting to really go after the DD+ market (and they have some pretty designs!). Keep reading for all of my picks for the best bras for DD+ in each vertical.

The Best Bras for DD+

T-Shirt Bras

T-shirt bras are my everyday staples. They’re what I wear under all of my – say it with me – blouses. 

Seriously have y’all ever seen me in a normal t-shirt? I honestly don’t know if I own any for anything other than working out or sleeping!

These bras have just enough shape to make it so your nips won’t show through, but not so much that you look like you’re gaining cup sizes. Some of these bras also have paneling which blurs the appearance of the bra from the back.

Of the bras I have linked below, this one is by far my favorite. I have it in two colors and I wear it on an almost-daily basis. I also own and love this one (it can double as a sexy little nothing – it’s super cute on!), this one (it has the side-smoothing panels), and this one. Check out all of my faves below:

Strapless Bras

In the world of bras, there is nothing worse than a strapless bra that doesn’t fit you properly. Honestly. The slightest bit off, and suddenly the bra can’t stay up. Or it can, but it’s poking into you so badly that every time you take it off, your back is bleeding (yes, I’m speaking from personal experience there).

Strapless bras are legit the worst. If they don’t fit properly. However, if you happen to find that magical bra that does fit you like a glove (it’s possible!), you won’t even remember that it’s on. I recently invested in this strapless bra. On my first shot, I managed to order my perfect size. I’ve worn this bra out dancing and while sweating profusely during tailgates… and I don’t even recall having to pull it up or adjust it even once. Here are a few of my other faves:

Sexy Little Nothings

It can be friggin hard to find “sexy” bras in DD+. A lot of brands are just now starting to expand their DD+ collection… and most of those will still only go up to an F (typically a DDD in most brands).

When I first started thinking about compiling the best bras for DD+, this was the portion I was most nervous about… just because a) I don’t really own anything sexy (sorry I’m practical?), b) I didn’t know what was out there, and c) last I had checked (in college), the pickings were slim to none.

BUT I have cause for celebration: “sexy” bras are a rapidly growing category for DD+. While Nordstrom is my favorite place to shop for t-shirt bras, I really think ASOS is the best place to shop for “sexy” bras. ASOS has a great collection of bras… and their cup sizes go up to an L (band sizes 30-44). If you want inexpensive bras with a ton of variety, I cannot recommend ASOS enough. Here are a few of my picks (both from ASOS and from other retailers!):

Sports Bras

I’ve been working out a lot lately. As a result, I’ve been burning through my sports bras each and every week. I currently own 7 sports bras: one of this one for low-impact workouts, five of this one for high-impact workouts, and one of this one for high-impact workouts. I swear by all of them.

If you’re looking for a bra in which your boobs will. not. move., I highly (x 1000) recommend this one. It is by far one of the best bras for DD+, in my opinion. Sure, it looks like you’re the newest extra on a Xena: Warrior Princess reboot, but your boobs won’t be hitting you in the face. Sooooo…. WORTH. IT.