My Favorite Nail Salon in Dallas + Photos from My Event!

MiniLuxe Nail Salon Review

A few weeks ago, I hosted an event at one of the several MiniLuxe locations here in Dallas. It was so wonderful meeting all of you who came to the event at the Preston Center location (over 60 of you were there!).

But, if you missed it, I thought I’d share a bit more about why MiniLuxe is my go-to nail salon in Dallas.

My Favorite Nail Salon in Dallas Where to get nail art in Dallas

MiniLuxe Preston Center Review
MiniLuxe Nail Polish

MiniLuxe Uptown Review MiniLuxe NorthPark Review

Ever since I attended the opening of the Highland Park location and experienced MiniLuxe for the first time, I have loved this nail salon. Honestly, it is probably the cleanest nail salon in Dallas. Not even kidding. And all of the locations are light and bright, packed with rose gold and colorful punches.

Which this Instagram-addicted girl obviously enjoys.

Leading up to the event, I decided to break out of my usual mold and try a few services for the first time. At the Preston Center location, I received my first-ever nail art (it was very exciting). At the Uptown location, I got a brow wax. And, at the NorthPark studio, I opted for my tried-and-true: the performance polish pedicure.

All of MiniLuxe’s polishes are cruelty free and 7+ free. The added bonus of using the performance polish? It dries in five minutes flat. Without using a UV light or doing anything to wreck your nails. It just goes on like normal polish!

For the record: I am the queen of accidentally smearing my polish before it dries. The only times I’ve ever not smudged them were a few years ago when I went through a phase of doing dip powder or gel manicures – both of which wrecked my nails. After spending literally years getting my nails back to fighting shape, I was nervous about trying something new. But, not only has the performance polish not killed my nails… I’ve used the performance polish religiously every time I’ve been to MiniLuxe and I’ve never once had it smudge. It’s a life-changing discovery.

Again, thank you to all who came out to support me and meet me at this event. The staff of MiniLuxe Preston Center and I so enjoyed meeting each and every one of you! I cannot wait for the next meet and greet!

A big thank you to MiniLuxe and Her Campus Media for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.