My 9 Favorite Winter Coats of 2017 (All Under $200!)

My 11 Favorite Coats of the Season - pink coat with leopard fur trim

Please ignore the fact that this picture dates back to the days before I discovered under eye concealer … and instead focus on how friggin cute my pink coat is. Best part? An almost identical version of this coat is in stock this year… and it’s under $125!

Obviously, this pink coat tops my list of my favorite winter coats of 2017… but nine other cuties managed to also make the list! Anddddd they’re all super budget-friendly, each coming in at under $200!

My 9 Favorite Winter Coats of 2017 (for Under $200!)

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About My Picks for My 9 Favorite Winter Coats of 2017

I love pink, so picks one, two, and three shouldn’t be surprising to anybody. I particularly love the pearl details on one (and it’s under $125!).

Four is the prettiest color – it reminds me of a coat I bought a few years ago (seen here). It’s currently listed for $127, but I also found this coat which is pretty similar and only $117! If you’re really feeling the purple and the lilac color isn’t purpley enough for you, this wool coat is another great option.

Fun fact: I owned a leopard-print coat like number five a few years ago. I have no idea what happened to it (I think one of my friends swiped it?) but it was super cute. The trick to leopard-print coats is making sure they fit as close to your body as possible. You want it to be relatively fitted… because otherwise, you end up looking kind of like a pimp from 1982. And that’s not really a look for which any of us should strive this holiday season.

Six reminds me of something Olivia Pope would wear on Scandal. And that’s reason enough to include it in a roundup, agreed?

Seven made it onto my list of my favorite winter coats of 2017 mostly due to the fact I’m going through a major plaid phase right now. Also it’s super similar to this coat I wore a few weeks ago in this post.

Speaking of my plaid phase: I actually bought eight for my upcoming trip to Scotland. It’s soooo warm and cozy – it will be perfect with jeans, boots, a button down, and a knit sweater in Scotland, but also with leggings and sneakers when I get back to Dallas in January!

Finally: nine. I love the buckles across the chest, the faux fur hood, andddd the fact that it’s only $105!

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