Why You Should Recycle Old Blog Posts on Social Media

Why You Should Recycle Old Blog Posts on Social Media

I’m one day late in getting this post up but it’s worth the wait.

If you’ve ever clicked onto my blog’s Facebook Page or my Twitter, you’ve probably noticed that I recycle old blog posts on social media. While a lot of my peers don’t recycle posts, I find doing so drives a lot of traffic to my blog. Plus, the posts are already written. AKA it takes less time.

Less time spent to receive more traffic? Umm helloooooo why doesn’t everybody do this?

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Next time an event (like holidays) rolls around, check my Facebook Page and my Twitter. You’ll probably notice that I post a lot of new content and sales… but I also post about my old blog posts.

But like… why?

As I mentioned earlier, these are posts which are already written. So, for Cinco de Mayo, why should I go to the trouble of writing a totally new queso recipe, when I already have a great one posted and ready to share? When I have an upcoming trip to Austin, why bother searching the web for an Austin travel guide, when I already have this one for y’all? I can easily share these posts on social media, saving time on my end and driving traffic back to my site. After five years of blogging, I have tons of content surrounding just about any topic/holiday, so why not make use of them?

Why You Should Recycle Old Blog Posts on Social Media

Think of your old blog posts as business assets, kind of like computers. Let’s say that you have a company with a few spare computers housed in the IT department, all of which are still relatively new. Sure, they’re not the latest and greatest, but they’re good computers that run well and an employee could use them for another 3-5 years before they became technologically irrelevant.

If you were to hire a new employee, would you go out of your way to purchase a brand-new computer? Even when you have these extra computers on hand? Umm… probably not. You might upgrade or refurbish it, but chances are that the new employee will receive an existing computer instead of spending time and company resources (both human capital and money) purchasing a new computer for the employee and getting it up and running.

Old blog posts are the exact same. They’re already there – why not use them?

As you begin to recycle old blog posts on social media, I also recommend installing a related posts widget on your blog. If you scroll down on my blog posts, you can see a section titled, “you may also like” with links to four posts. These posts – old, existing posts – are additional opportunities to engage your readers. Incorporating a related posts section will increase your pageviews, the time users spend on your site, and – hopefully – your overall following and engagement.

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