How to Pitch to Brands + Shop My Travel Wardrobe!

Green LOFT Dress

Greetings from the plane to London! I am soooo excited my trip is finally here. I’ve been squealing just about all day. Starting next week, I’ll be sharing tons of travel content from my trip. INCLUDING [per request] travel guides for each of the three cities I’ll be visiting: London, Edinburgh, and Paris!

But first: it’s Wednesday so that means it’s time for Blogging Basics. If you’re new to Glitter & Spice, Blogging Basics is my weekly series when I answer commonly asked questions about blogging (so feel free to send me your questions!).

This week? How to pitch to brands.

How to Collaborate with Fashion Brands as a Blogger Button Sleeve Dress Gold Festive Holiday Earrings + Tortoiseshell Sunglasses Over the Knee Aerosoles Heeled Suede Boots How to Pitch to Brands + Shop My Travel Wardrobe!

What I’m Wearing:

Dress: LOFT / Boots: Aerosoles, c/o / Bag: Sole Society / Sunglasses: LOFT
Earrings: LOFT / Rings: BaubleBar, similar / Nail Polish: Essie, c/o

To be honest, I don’t pitch to brands all that frequently. Blogging has always been my side-hustle… and, somehow, I always have plenty of work to do even without sending pitches to brands. But for most bloggers, the pitch is everything.

Even with my low-pitch rate, I’ve still figured out how to pitch to brands over the years. And how not to pitch to brands. But a lot of those I’ve learned from my career in sales / from receiving so many emails as a blogger.

For instance: don’t send an email that takes longer than 5 minutes to read. A good pitch communicates the message in about 5-6 sentences. Max. An even better pitch communicates the basic message in the subject line… and then concisely expands upon the ask in the body of the email.

I typically title my emails by stating clearly who I am and for what I am asking. As an example: “Glitter & Spice – Shopbop January 2018 Boots Collaboration”. From that, the recipient (Shopbop) knows exactly who I am (Glitter & Spice), the time frame during which I want to collaborate (January 2018), and what the focus of the collaboration will be (boots).

I then start the email with a brief introduction, make the ask crystal clear (aka am I asking for a paid collaboration or in exchange for something else?), and then I always attach my media kit. Always remember: the worst somebody can say is no. And you’ll never know what they’ll say until you ask, right?

How to Pitch to Brands
  1. Have a clear and catching subject line
  2. Keep the email short and sweet
  3. Tell them who you are (and write like yourself!)
  4. Ask for what you want – and be clear about it
  5. Attach your media kit… and include links to your blog and social media in your signature
  6. Follow up! Respond if they email you back… and try again in a month or two if they don’t!

Those are just a few tips and tricks that have worked for me over the years. As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I’d love to hear from you.

BTW – you can now shop everything I’m bringing with me to Europe… Before it ever even appears on Instagram! Just go to my “Shop” tab and then click “Europe Packing List” – it’ll auto-populate with everything I packed!