How to Stay Motivated to Workout During the Holidays

How to Stay Motivated to Workout During the Holidays

just walked in the door from an absolutely wonderful weekend in Edinburgh… but more on that in a few days.

In the past, I’ve shared my tips for staying active while traveling. But never before have I shared my tips for how to stay motivated to workout during the holidays. Oddly, the holidays are always the one time each year when I really kick my butt in gear and workout with any form of regularity. I don’t know if it’s the additional vacation time or the fear of what effect six holiday parties in three days might have on my body, but I always stay relatively active during the holiday season.

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My top tip for how to stay motivated to workout during the holidays has to do with staying vertical. During parties, when you’re making the rounds (socially), make sure you physically do so as well. Stay vertical, and walk as you mix and mingle. I’ve had parties during which I walked a full mile – just by walking around the room and talking to people.

I also like to travel to walkable destinations (like New York) during the holidays. These cities sometimes have really pretty holiday displays… and seeing all of them can be a great motivation to stay active during the holidays!

Similarly, if you’re anything like me, you have a lot of people to see during the holidays. A good way to stay motivated to workout during the holiday season is to ask your friends to walking dates instead of dinner dates. In Austin, I always ask friends to walk the trail around Town Lake with me so we can catch up!

Another thing that works for me is my love for tv shows and movies. I’ve talked about this before, but I really love watching tv and movies. Really doing anything lazy. Laying there without a purpose? Just sign me up.

But seriously: I love television. And movies. And, during the holidays, I have days to do nothing except lay around and watch tv. I still do that… but with a twist. Instead of sitting on the couch and watching tv, I typically take my iPad or phone with me to the gym and spend an hour on the elliptical or walking on the treadmill, watching my show. It’s a great way to catch up on everything you’ve missed during the busy fall season… without becoming one with the furniture.

Finally – and this is probably the best motivation – remember that the gyms are empty this time of year… because the resolution-ers haven’t yet set in. If you typically don’t like going to the gym because you don’t like dealing with other people, now’s seriously the best time of the year to go!

How to Stay Motivated to Workout During the Holidays

  1. Walk and talk as you mix and mingle
  2. Travel to walkable destinations
  3. Do a walking tour of your city’s holiday displays
  4. Ask friends to catch up over walks instead of meals
  5. Hop on the treadmill and catch up on all of the tv shows and movies you’ve missed
  6. Remember that gyms are empty – so now’s a great time to go!

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