The Best Influencer Networks to Join

The Best Influencer Networks to Join, pink pants

Better late than never, right?

For this week’s Blogging Basics post, I’m talking about influencer networks. In particular: which are the best influencer networks to join if you’re looking for paid campaigns. Because after you’ve grown your following and made that media kit, it’s time to talk to brands and get paid for sponsored posts.

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I use a variety of influencer networks, and I check each and every one regularly to make sure I don’t miss any great campaigns. However, I’ve spent enough time perusing the influencer networks to know that not every one is worth your time and energy. Some of them tend to way underpay, some of them require a lot of say in bloggers’ creative processes, and some are actually great. But finding which network belongs to which of those categories isn’t easy.

So I thought I’d save y’all that time and energy by providing you with my list of the best influencer networks to join. Every one of these influencer networks offers paid campaigns. If I’ve done campaigns with the network, that’s marked below. On the other hand, if I’ve never done a campaign with the network and I’m going purely on hearsay, that’s also marked below.

As always, if a brand reaches out to you or responds to you, always make sure you respond to them. Close the loop. If you have a campaign with a brand, thank them following the campaign. I like to either thank brands with an email or even a handwritten note. Finally – and most importantly: make sure you always deliver on all of your promises, especially those which are contractual (I feel like that one should go without saying!).

The Best Influencer Networks to Join

Her Campus Media

I actually worked with Her Campus for my campaign with MiniLuxe. Admittedly, there are more opportunities available for college-aged bloggers on Her Campus. BUT they pay well and are a breeze to work with… so I’d recommend joining, even if you aren’t in college anymore.

Note that it will be even harder to get campaigns if you are over age 30… so I’d really only recommend applying to or joining this network if you are college-aged or a recent grad.

Collective Bias / Social Native

I worked with Collective Bias on this campaign… So that obviously immediately catapulted Collective Bias to the top of my list of the best influencer networks to join. Most (if not all) of the campaigns on Collective Bias are food-oriented. In the past, I’ve worked with Coca-Cola and Vitamin Water.

Rates on Collective Bias are truly all over the map. I had one campaign that paid above my rate at the time, and then I had another campaign through which I earned far less than my usual rate. However, there are so many campaigns on this platform, so you can probably find something with a company you like, for a rate you deem acceptable.

Tap Influence

I’ve never used Tap Influence for a campaign, and I’ve heard mixed reviews. Unlike many influencer networks, Tap Influence suggests rates for influencers based on engagement… not following.

[Insert obligatory reminder to please engage when you read my blog or follow me on social media. Following is awesome… but liking my photos and commenting regularly is even better!]

Because Tap Influence prices based on engagement instead of following, from my understanding, campaigns tend to not be as lucrative for bloggers on this platform. However, if you’re a microblogger with outstanding engagement (like 10k followers but 2k likes on each post), definitely join as this network could be great for you!

Massive Sway

I’ve had three Instagram campaigns with Massive Sway – one of them actually led to this recipe post! Massive Sway campaigns are all over the map in terms of retailers… and in terms of rates as well. Much like Collective Bias, one of my campaigns with Massive Sway was above my typical rate, while the other was below. Typically, Massive Sway‘s sponsored blog post opportunities pay much better than their opportunities which are solely social media-focused.

No matter which type of campaign you do with Massive Sway, they’re always incredibly organized. Sometimes there are delays which can throw off your posting schedule, but typically they’re on schedule. When working with Massive Sway, make sure you read the fine print on every influencer agreement you sign, just so you make sure you don’t miss any deadlines.

Massive Sway typically campaigns include a lot of creative oversight… so keep that in mind. (AKA Massive Sway gets to okay or nix wording in a post, and will send you what they find acceptable)

Shopping Links

The vast majority of my fashion and beauty-related sponsored posts come from Shopping Links. Both of my campaigns with Lionesse Skincare, one of my campaigns with Visible Interest, and my campaign with Marks & Spencer all came through Shopping Links.

Sometimes there are a ton of collaborations available on Shopping Links. Other times, like right now, there’s only one. Or none. Similarly, there are a bunch of paid campaigns, while other times it’s all for-product. It’s kind of hit or miss.

In terms of payment level, again, it ranges. Whenever you apply for a paid campaign, you set your own rate. Then, if a brand decides to move forward with you on that campaign, they can then adjust that rate. Unfortunately, Shopping Links does not currently allow you to further negotiate after that. It’s either a take it or leave it. I’ve had campaigns in which the brand countered with less than half of what I requested. But, I’ve also had campaigns in which the brands met my rate on the dollar… and that’s what keeps me coming back to Shopping Links.


IZEA really excels at Facebook and Twitter sponsorships. Soooo it’s not really as great for blog post sponsorships or Instagram sponsorships. As a result, I’ve never worked with IZEA, but I know bloggers who work with IZEA on a very regular basis. These campaigns tend to be under $100 and without complimentary product.

And that’s it! My full list of the best influencer networks to join… as of December 2017. If I missed any great ones that you use, please let me know in the comments below! I’m always on the hunt (and – let’s be real – I love the engagement).

Hope y’all are having a great week! XO