I Bought a House (A Little Life Update)

A Little Life Update... I Bought a House, Photo idea to announce new house, cute photo announcement for new home

I bought a house!! SURPRISE! It’s been killing me keeping this from y’all, but I bought a house! I closed on the house last Wednesday (happy birthday to me!), and I’ll be moving in later this week. On Thursday, in fact. And I could not be more excited.

I wanted to share the “before” of the house with y’all so you can see it without all my stuff in it. Keep reading for all of the photos and more about my home-buying process!

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What I’m Wearing:

Dress: Charles Henry (runs large, under $100) / Shoes: Jack Rogers / Earrings: Sugarfix by BaubleBar, c/o
Bangle: Kate Spade / Ring: DeForest Jewelry, c/o / Nail Polish: Essie, c/o
“Goal Digger” Keychain: Effie’s Paper, c/o

So next week, I’ll share a full apartment tour (y’all have been requesting this for forever – sorry it has taken me so long!). As I am going from a 1000 square-foot, 1 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom apartment to a 3,000+ square-foot townhouse with 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms, some changes are going to be made in terms of furniture.

And before y’all ask: one of my best friends will be moving in with me in the coming months, so it won’t be just lil me in that big house flying solo!

The photos above are all of my bedroom + bathroom setup (more photos below). The ginormous bedroom, walk-in closet (there are two of them!!!), and master bathroom (jetted tub!!!) really sealed the deal for me for this house. As the master bedroom is roughly double the size of my current bedroom, I’m planning on turning my apartment bedroom into the guest room of my new place. I have legitimately no clue what I want to do in terms of furniture or decor in the master bedroom, but I am definitely planning on getting a runner for the bathroom (in place of a bath mat). Here are some of the runners that have caught my eye:

Runners are the new bath mats

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The only renovations I’m currently planning on doing to the house are pulling out the existing shelving in the master bedroom closets and replacing them with custom closets.

Don’t get me wrong: the closets are awesome… but not ideal in terms of usable space. I want to create a wall of shelving for my purses, shoes, and other accessories. Ideally, I’d like to put in drawers for my jewelry (no more having everything scattered everywhere!).

Since the ceilings are really high in the closets, I’ll likely put in a rolling ladder, so 5’5″ me can truly use every inch of the closet.

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Other than the closets and the master bathroom, my favorite part of the house is the kitchen. It has such amazing storage… including a built-in wet bar with room for over 75 bottles of red wine and a wine fridge just begging to be filled! I actually moved over all of my wine to the new house over the weekend, and the wet bar is still nowhere near full.

You know what that means: I have some wine shopping to do!

In terms of non-alcoholic storage, the kitchen has space for me to hide all of my appliances. One cabinet has a platform you can raise and lower (and a plug in the cabinet!) – I’m planning on hiding my Keurig in there. In addition, there’s both a dine-up bar-height seating area and a dine-in counter-height seating area. I’m really feeling light-colored woods and wickers right now… here’s a few of the bar stools I’m considering:

Light Wood and Wicker Bar Stools

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Finally, the living room. One thing that was on my want list for my new house was a fireplace. And this house has one.

In fact, this house checked off everything on my want and must-have list… which is why I fell so in love with it the moment I saw it! The day I saw this townhouse for the first time, we saw 10 houses in total. And none of them compared to this one. After thinking about it for a few weeks and discussing it with my family, I put an offer in on this house. A few days later, we were under contract. And then, before I knew it, I bought a house.

Nothing my friends had told me about buying a house in Dallas ended up coming to pass. No bidding war with another buyer. No crushing disappointment for losing the house (thankfully). It was just… easy.

Lucite chandelier for entryway, how to style a townhouse entryway, hot pink bow-back dress

But I know that that won’t be the case for forever. I’ve already learned that my house is poorly wired for cable, so Spectrum is refusing to install internet (read: not cable. Makes no sense to me either). I’ve been dealing with a broken garage clicker for nearly a week and I’m praying that my friend Wes is able to get it working tomorrow, so I don’t have to call in (and pay) a professional. I have to replace a few drawers where the weight of the previous owner’s belongings (or water) had warped the drawer. There’s a whole laundry list of to-do items… including buying laundry machines!

But it’s all worth it to walk in and see that awesome chandelier every day.

I bought a house… So now what?

Back in January, I asked y’all on Instagram Stories about your thoughts on incorporating more home design and decor. Your response was a resounding “yes”. As such, as I get settled and buy new furniture for my new [much larger] space, I’ll be sharing each room, one by one. I’m also planning on writing a few organization posts.

Till then, as always, if you have anything in particular you wish to see (how to organize a makeup drawer or my tips for organizing jewelry… which I’m actually going to do now that I have the space!), please let me know in the comments below!