The Best Cameras for Fashion Bloggers to Buy

The Best Cameras for Fashion Bloggers to Buy via Amanda Kushner of Glitter & Spice | Best Dresses to Wear to Work this Summer | Navy Work Dress

OMG it’s been soooo long, y’all!!! Between the move, finals, throwing a bridal shower in Austin, preparing for graduation, and getting ready for my big trip in June, I’ve been all over the place mentally. And have given precisely 0 thought to the blog. And all of the thought to how to make my house as organized as The Container Store. But now I’m back so we can all act like the past month or so just never happened. Jedi mind trick that sh*t.

So yeah: I’m back. Just in time for a big Blogging Basics post. And it’s one y’all have been requesting for a long time: the best cameras for fashion bloggers to buy. Cue the excitement.

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Best Camera for Blogging | Business Casual Attire | Navy Work Dress | Dallas Fashion Blogger

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What I’m Wearing:

Dress: Maggy London, c/o (I’m wearing the 8) / Earrings: LOFT / Bag: Senreve
Shoes: Marc Fisher (exact color available here)

Since my knowledge of cameras and camera equipment is extremely limited, I called in the big guns for this post: my photographers, Vanessa and Rebecca (read all about how I found them here)! So not only are the cameras I’ve included as the best cameras for fashion bloggers to buy ones that I’ve found to be extremely user-friendly cameras for bloggers, but they’re also professionally recommended!

Anddddd since I know that not all of y’all are fashion bloggers (or even bloggers at all), I’ve included a variety of cameras. Cameras for vlogging. Ones for travel. And just ones I personally like.

BTW, y’all: I know literally nothing about photography. I can’t even tell you how many times Cameron has tried to teach me how to shoot in manual. It’s hopeless. So you know that if I’m recommending it, that means it’s user-friendly AF.

The Best Cameras for Fashion Bloggers to Buy

The Best Cameras for Bloggers if You Want to Go Mirrorless: Sony a6000

Gonna kick this roundup off with my current camera: the Sony a6000. I am so obsessed with this camera. Honestly: I cannot recommend it enough. This is by far one of the best cameras for fashion bloggers on a budget, IMO. I really think it’s the best mirrorless camera for fashion bloggers. And the best mirrorless camera for travel bloggers.

I have a few friends who use it for travel photography and a few who also use it for vlogging (it records 1080p HD video). Per my recommendation, a few of my non-blogger friends have also bought this camera, and they all love it just as much as I do! At under $500 for just the base, it’s extremely reasonably priced given what this camera can do!

I used this camera to shoot the photos above, as well as all of the photos from December’s Eurotrip and my trip to Palm Beach. It’s so compact – it’s definitely the best mirrorless camera for travel. It’s also WiFi-enabled. Really the only reason why I don’t use it more frequently is because I need to up my editing game (I use Lightroom)… but as I get more comfortable editing, expect to see much more photography from my lil Sony!

For my Sony, I have the kit lens (a 16-50mm), a 50mm/f1.8 lens, and – as of this week – a 35mm/f.1.8 lens. And I only shoot in auto. Imagine how great the photos would be if I could master the art of shooting in manual!

The Best Cameras for Fashion Bloggers to Buy if You Want a DSLR: Canon EOS 70d

This one was recommended to me by my photographer, Vanessa. When I bought my first camera, I purchased the Canon EOS Rebel T5. Yes, the Rebel is under $400 (even including a kit lens) and the 70d is just over $800 for just the base, but trust me when I say: the 70d is worth the investment. Looking back, I really regret not putting in the extra $$ for the 70d.

I have a few friends who have the 70d and they all agree it’s great for both blogging and vlogging. One of my friends shot me recently on her 70d and when I say every shot was in focus, I mean every. single. shot. was in focus. It’s a bit of a splurge, but this is definitely a camera that will last you a while. It will grow with you as you learn more about photography.

One thing I will note: if you don’t know how to shoot in manual (and/or are unwilling to learn aka like me), this may be too much camera for you. But if you know how to shoot in manual and want a killer camera for under $1000, the 70d is a fantastic option.

Another note (from my photographer, Rebecca): the 70d is a crop sensor, so to get the same view as you’d normally get with a 35mm lens, you might need a 24-70mm lens.

What to Buy if You Really Know Photography: Canon EOS 6D

If you’re looking to upgrade and you wish to stay in the Canon family, my photographer Rebecca recommends the Canon EOS 6D. It’s WiFi-enabled and full-frame, so if you’re looking to make that type of investment, it’s a fantastic camera. I’ve never used it, but I do have a bunch of friends who swear by this camera.

If you’re really looking to throw down, Rebecca also recommends the Canon EOS 5D Mark iii, the Canon EOS 5D Mark iv, and the Canon EOS 6D Mark ii. These will set you back several thousand dollars (the cheapest is $1500+)… But they’re definitely amongst the best cameras for fashion bloggers to buy if they really know photography! You’re gonna need to know how to shoot in manual, and you’re going to want to invest in good lenses. But, on the plus side, if you’re already a loyal Canon user, your existing lenses will [most likely] work with your new purchase… So no need to spend more $$$ than necessary!

Honorable Mentions

If you’re looking for a bit of a splurge in the mirrorless category, the Fujifilm x100T is supposed to be really good… particularly for those travel shots. As is its sister camera, the Fujifilm x100F. Both of these cameras will set you back over $1000, for just the camera alone. I think they come with 1 kit lens but I’m not 100% positive, so be prepared. I’ve also found that Fujifilm-compatible lenses tend to be more expensive than Canon or Sony lenses… so it’s definitely going to be more of an investment overall.

Another honorable mention is the Sony DSC RX100. I’ve heard this camera is great for vlogging. BUT I’ve never used it and I don’t vlog (at least not yet), so it’s not making my short list. This camera shoots 4K video and has the ability to capture stills from video. And its screen flips. So you can see yourself and seriously kill the selfie game. Again, I’ve never used it and neither have either of my photographers, but I thought it was worth sharing as I’ve heard good things.

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