How to Dress for a Long Plane Ride + My Itinerary!

How to Dress for a Long Plane Ride | European Adventure Itinerary | One Month in Europe

Greetings from the Adriatic Sea! No, this is not your regularly-scheduled Blogging Basics programming. But that’s because (a) I couldn’t come up with a Blogging Basics topic for today, (b) I was supposed to post this on Monday but I got lazy, and (c) y’all have been requesting this post like crazy this week. So here you go.

I’ve received soooo many emails and DMs asking me to write a guide on how to dress for a long plane ride. Apparently y’all are as boggled by international flight attire / overnight flight attire as I am.

Before we dive in: as always, wear what you want. If wearing a dress makes you happy, do it. I wore a maxi dress on last May’s flight to Seoul and, upon arrival, I decided it was the greatest decision I’d made. Like ever. Even though all my friends thought I was crazy (and I looked slightly absurd with my compression socks and oversized sweater). But it made me happy and it worked.

In this post, I’m sharing my go-to look in the hopes it helps you figure out how to dress for a long plane ride. Not all of the possibilities. Just my go-to. Which just so happens to be the exact look I wore on Friday to fly to Milan.

Calpak Rose Gold Suitcases via Glitter & Spice | Cute Suitcases for Travel
Comfy outfits to wear on a long plane ride: drawstring sweatpants and an oversized cardigan
White Camisole and Grey Leggings via Glitter & Spice | Navy Long Hooded Sweater | Best Plane Outfits | Best Travel Outfits
What to wear for a Long Flight | Flying Internationally Outfit | Overnight Flight Outfit
How to dress for a long plane ride | Best Travel Looks | Cute Travel Style

What I’m Wearing:

Top: LOFT / Sweater: LOFT / Pants: Ann Taylor / Shoes: Melissa
Sunglasses: Ann Taylor / Bag: Senreve / Eye Mask: / Suitcases: Calpak

How to Dress for a Long Plane Ride

Figuring out how to dress for a long plane ride can be very difficult… Especially when you consider that one’s outfit choices can differ wildly if located in business class or economy. For this post, I will be focusing on how to dress for a long plane ride if you’re flying economy. Primarily because it’s totally acceptable in business class to bring a change of clothes and change into pajamas.

Because you’re not knocking people over left and right getting in and out of your seat.

Because you have space. You’re flying business class.

No. In economy, you have to regulate your trips to the bathroom so you don’t piss off your neighbors. AKA you have to be prepared and dress comfortably chic for a long-haul flight.

Over the years, I’ve taken several international flights. I now have a go-to look, so I no longer have to waste time figuring out how to dress for a long plane ride.

Typically, I’ll wear a pair of leggings (or joggers) with either boots or sandals (depending on the season). Either way, I always bring a pair of compression socks to (a) keep my feet warm and (b) keep my feet from swelling up like a hippo.

As temperatures in planes fluctuate wildly, I always dress in layers up top. In the warmer months, I’ll wear a cami and sweater (as above – I also love this sweater) or a t-shirt and a jacket. For the colder months, I always wear either one of those looks (plus a scarf) or a tissue turtleneck and oversized sweater (plus a scarf).

In my carryon bag, I’ll stow an eye mask and ear plugs so I can get some sleep (hopefully undisturbed!), and face wipes and an intensive moisturizing mask so I arrive fresh-faced and well-rested.

My Trip Itinerary

Which brings me to my trip. Because I definitely arrived both fresh-faced and well-rested.

I started off my trip with 3 nights at the Villa d’Este in Lake Como. It was absolutely stunning (more photos to be posted soon, but for the time being you can check IG!).

Yesterday, we drove to Venice and boarded a ship to cruise around the Adriatic Sea. Today, we stopped in Rab, Croatia. Tomorrow, we’ll be in Kotor, Montenegro. Our other destinations include: Corfu, Greece; Olympia, Greece; Crete; Santorini; Kusadasi, Turkey; Athens, Greece.

Following the conclusion of our cruise (which ends in Athens), I’m flying directly to London for a week of playtime with one of my dearest friends (the same one I visited in December). We currently have plans to adventure out to the Cotswolds (looks so picturesque!) one day, and then to go to Stonehenge and Bath the next. I’m also planning on meeting up with a blogger friend in her quaint town in the English countryside, Alresford, during this trip.

While I was originally planning on doing several excursions from London (including back up to Scotland), I recently decided to save that for another trip. Instead, a few of my friends from Dallas are flying into London to meet me for a few days… and then we’re going on a mini-adventure to Paris. Of the group that is going, I am the only one who has been to Paris within the past 20 years…. so I am very excited to show my friends around one of my favorite cities!

If you have any recommendations for any of the cities, please let me know in the comments below!

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