My Summer Travels Bag Spill with Tampax

Summer Travels Bag Spill with Tampax, Tampax Pocket Radiant

As y’all know, I’m currently on a month-long adventure around Europe. One question I keep getting is what the heck did I throw in my bag to prepare for one month away from home?

And before we continue: yes, one month. Every woman reading this knows what that means: getting your period while on vacation. During the summer. Likely while wearing either a white dress or a bathing suit.  The most fun.

Since I don’t [yet] do YouTube, I thought the easiest way to go through all of my essentials I packed in my handbag would be to do a summer travels bag spill. Obviously including these tampons. Because, again, I’m gone for a month, y’all!

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My Summer Travels Bag Spill with Tampax

Packing for a month was a challenging feat. Essentially, you have to think through every single thing you might possibly need (which is a long list for me!)… And then weed out the things you could probably do without… And then weed out everything you can pick up at your destination in the event of an emergency… Leaving you with what is likely still far too much stuff but you have a flight to catch so you just shove it in your bag and run out the door.

Well, that was my strategy at least.

But, since I managed to get most of the necessities packed in my favorite travel bag (doubles as a great work bag – seen in this post!), I thought I should share my summer travels bag spill so y’all can replicate this amazing feat of human engineering/Amanda packing.

What’s in my Bag: Laptop + iPad + Chargers

Yeah, I left the chargers out of this photo… but y’all know what they look like so that’s not a huge loss. I also left my iPad out of this photo… but it’s in an ugly case so – again – not a huge loss.

I do not travel anywhere without my computer. When I went to Spain in high school, my friends (and my parents!) all thought I was crazy when I brought my laptop with me. Sure, I solely used it to check Facebook and binge-watch 24 with my roommates, but it was one of my necessities. And bringing that laptop with me has only become more and more crucial to my life as I’ve gotten older.

And now I’m a blogger. I physically couldn’t continue the blog without a laptop. And, as I’m planning on updating the blog regularly while I’m traveling, bringing my MacBook Air is thus a must. With a cute case to protect it (because I drop things… frequently). Here are some of my faves right now:

What’s in my Bag: Lipglosses and Lipsticks

When you’re traveling for a month, the best thing to do is to pick a color palette so you can mix and match everything you bring. This also applies to makeup. On this trip, I’m bringing my favorite nude lipstick, a nourishing red lipstick, one pink lipstick, and my favorite lip-plumping gloss.

And lip balm. The last one mostly because I don’t travel anywhere without a lip balm (and sometimes even a tiny canister of petroleum jelly to put on my lips!).

Is there a chance I won’t wear all three lipsticks? Sure. But it’s slim to none, and I’d rather be safe than sorry and bring that red lip along for the adventure.

What’s in my Bag: Tampons

Again: I’m going for a month. And I’m going to be in swimsuits and white dresses. Tampons are a must.

Ever since I got my IUD last year, Aunt Flo’s visits have been light, sporadic, and thankfully shorter than ever before. So, now I can get by only packing 5 or so tampons for a trip like this one. With no concerns about needing more.

Lately, I’ve been loving the new Tampax Pocket Radiant, so I made a mad dash to pick some up from Walmart right before I left for my trip. Not to be too graphic, but the applicator is so easy to use (and – almost as importantly – to discard… they have a resealable wrapper).

And, yes, they’re also pocket-sized… meaning they can fit easily in my clutch and don’t take up too much precious space in my travel bag. These tampons are roughly the same size as my lipstick.

Which means I can pack more lipsticks… right?

What’s in my Bag: Other Necessities

Aside from the basic basics (i.e. wallet and passport), I also bring my pill case in my carry on and a handful of bandaids. Just in case I get a blister. On day one. And my feet become unhappy.

Because if your feet aren’t happy, you’re not happy.

I’m also bringing my current favorite pair of sunglasses (and two spares… just in case I change my mind…. or lose a pair). A hand cream, some sunscreen (doubles as a setting mist for makeup!), my blue light glasses, my favorite hair ties, and spare lenses for my camera (and the camera itself) also made the cut. With room to spare (which I then used to pack this set and this cardigan for the flight!).

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Tampax Radiant at Walmart. The opinions and text are all mine.