What to Buy in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (and What’s on My Wishlist)

What to Buy in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (and What's on My Wishlist) by Dallas fashion blogger, Glitter & Spice
Dress (on sale) | Trench Coat (on sale) | Earrings (on sale) | Shoes (on sale) | Bag (on sale)

Okay. I’m only 12 hours behind schedule. No big deal.

In case you haven’t been on Instagram at all today, today marks the beginning of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. That’s right, friends: if you’re a Nordstrom cardholder, you can now shop the sale via Early Access. If you’re not a cardholder, don’t fret: you’ll be able to shop the sale starting on July 20th! (just make sure you bookmark this post so you can refer to it later!)

I spent the majority of yesterday shopping the sale early and photographing all of my purchases to share with y’all over the coming weeks. And then today has been filled with me attempting to balance back-to-back appointments with one of the busiest shopping days of the year. To help y’all out, I went through every single page of the sale and saved everything I think you should buy in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (or at least consider) so y’all can shop it on your own time in the coming weeks.

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What I’m Wearing:

Dress: Eliza J (sale price: $98.90, after sale: $148)

Trench: London Fog (sale price: $149.90, after sale: $228)

Earrings: BaubleBar (sale price: $24.90, after sale: $38)

Shoes: Leith (sale price: $49.90, after sale: $79.95)

Bag: OAD New York (sale price: $329.90, after sale: $495)

So… yeah. This outfit’s on sale. The entire outfit. Yes, even the bra and underwear I’m wearing underneath all of those clothes are both on sale!

This year, I decided to stock up on chic outerwear. Between this trench, this gorgeous coat (more on it later!), and this chic pink blazer, I think I did my duty.

A bit of background information on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for y’all: this sale is a pre-season sale. That means that its full of brand-new items and everything you’ll need this fall. So this is your best chance to stock up for fall before it arrives as these prices won’t be seen again until October or November. For more information on the sale, click here.

Now back to the task at hand: what to buy in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Even if you’re typically an in-store shopper, I highly highly recommend shopping a bit online. There are so many online exclusives in this sale… and you don’t want to run the risk of the store running out of the product you want in your desired color or size (it happened to me already yesterday… twice!).

Also, don’t give up on your favorite pieces. If something you love is sold out in your color or size, keep an eye on it over the coming weeks. Nordstrom restocks constantly as people return items that don’t work for them… and then Nordstrom tends to do a giant restock before the sale opens up to the public on July 20th.

A few pieces I think will go quickly this year?

  • That aforementioned coat. It’s seriously so gorgeous in person and I cannot wait to wear it all winter long!!
  • These earrings. I grabbed these yesterday in burgundy (also available in navy) and they were flying off the shelf. But actually. I went back 10 minutes later to grab the navy and they were all gone!
  • This plaid shirt. Plaid shirts and other fall staples sell out year after year in this sale. I love this one because it’s super comfy.
  • This fleece pullover. I actually bought this pullover for myself last winter. It took months for me to track one down in my size because they kept going in and out of stock! When I finally found them in stock, I grabbed this one for me and this one for my mom. Both are on sale right now and they’re the coziest things I’ve ever encountered. I feel like a Wookie in mine.
  • This knit cardigan. One of my chief regrets from last year was not buying this cardigan. And I know I wasn’t alone in that sentiment (I may or may not have had a conversation with some of my friends about how we all wished we’d bought it!). I wasn’t about to pass up on my chance twice so I grabbed it the moment I saw it yesterday. And it’s insanely cozy. According to my stylist who helped me shlep around my mountains of clothes yesterday, Nordstrom is expecting this cardigan to go out of stock. And soon.

What to Buy in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (and What’s on My Wishlist)

In the interest of being completely honest with y’all, this wasn’t Nordstrom’s best Anniversary Sale. I found the jeans selection to be somewhat limited. The bags to be kinda meh. Really, unless you’re looking for outerwear, it takes a lot of patience and searching to find the gems.

Cue: me.

As I said earlier, my goal is to make shopping this sale as painless as possible for y’all. In addition to the products mentioned above and the products I’m about to mention below, I have pages and pages of direct links to my favorite products from the sale. All to help you figure out what to buy in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. If you want to check those pages out at any time, just go to the Nordstrom Sale tab in my navigation bar, and from there you can shop by either product category (weekend style, workwear, workout attire, outerwear and sweaters, loungewear and intimates, or shoes and accessoriesor by budget (under $50 or under $100). No matter how or what you want to shop, I’ve got ya covered.

And now for what you should buy in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Loungewear & Intimates

There is some A+ loungewear available this year. I’d recommend grabbing a knit or two that you can wear both around the house and out running errands, bras and underwear (there are some amazing deals on both of those this year!), and my all-time favorite pajamas.

In case you’re wondering, this knit cardigan is near the top of my wishlist. And I’m kicking myself for not stocking up on Spanx yesterday.

To shop the rest of my loungewear picks, click here.

Jackets, Coats, & Sweaters

The outerwear was definitely my favorite part of this year’s sale. While this sale obviously includes the normal beige, tan, and gray coats, it also features a bunch of fun-colored coats this year. Which I’m obvi allll about.

If this blazer is too pink for you, try this pale pink blazer or this ruffled coat. Absolutely love my new coat but can’t spend that much right now? This coat is super similar and $60 less! I’m obsessed with this budget-friendly sweater – the button detailing is too fun – and with this oversized cashmere blend sweater (would be perfect with jeans or a mini skirt this winter!).

But, out of all of that, I think the yellow raincoats have made it to the top of my wishlist this year. I am completely obsessed with the plaid details on this one. If you’re looking for something a bit more budget-friendly, I also love this one and this one.

For more of my outerwear picks from the sale, click here.

Workout Attire

There are some fabbbb leggings included in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year. If you have to make me choose just five, I love these in gray (the mesh detailing on the back is gorgeous!), this pair, these in white, these in gray, and this pair.

The sale was really lacking in terms of sports bras, but it did include my favorite sneakers so all is forgiven. If you wanna shop the rest of my faves from the activewear section of the sale, click here.

Dresses, Tops, and Bottoms

While I separated these out into workwear and weekend style in the navigation bar, it was still fairly easy to pare down these lists to give y’all the best recommendations for what to buy in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Out of the workwear, I was honestly really pleasantly surprised by this oversized blouse. At first glance, it’s a lot. At second glance, it’s still a lot. But it’s also really cute. Plus it tucks into jackets or blazers (hint hint on an upcoming look!) really easily, without creating any puffiness.

If that’s not your style but you still want to try out a recent trend, I recommend reaching for a smocked neck top. This look is really “in” this coming season and is all over the sale. I really love this white top and this pale pink blouse.

Need to dress a bit more traditionally? I adore this dress for the business casual office and this dress for offices which require business professional. This pencil skirt is wrinkle-proof and super budget-friendly and I’m kicking myself for not grabbing this wrap blouse and this crossover top yesterday.

Now for the weekend. This tie-back top is seriously the cutest and I like the fit of these skinny jeans. Other than those two, my biggest recommendation is to grab this midi shirtdress. I grabbed it yesterday in navy (it’s so stunning in person!) and it’s also available in blue and white stripes. It’s the perfect transitional piece as it goes flawlessly from work to play and from summer to fall!

Shoes and Accessories

Finally: the accessories. Shoes, handbags, sunglasses, jewelry, scarves, etc. Traditionally, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale knocks it out of the park with scarves… but this year there were only a handful available.

In terms of shoes, I loved these Cole Haan pointy-toed flats, these bow slides, and these velvet block heel pumps (available for under $50!!). Now’s the perfect time to snag a Longchamp bag for less (perfect for travel!) or to get a great deal on a Tory Burch handbag.

What’s on my wishlist? Well, those bow slides are for sure. But so are these super-fun earrings, these block heel pumps, and these designer sunglasses.

What’s on your wishlist?