What to Buy on Prime Day 2018 (and What I Bought!)

Best Amazon Prime Day 2018 Deals | What to Buy on Amazon Prime Day | Best Dresses on Sale Right Now via fashion blogger Glitter & Spice
Dress | Earrings, c/o | Sandals | Similar Bag | Sunglasses | Similar Scarf

Happy Amazon Prime Day! The deals launched yesterday at noon Pacific time (2PM Central)… and since I wrote this blog post last night at around 8:30PM, there are probably a whooooole lotta deals I’m missing in my roundup that launched while I was sleeping! You can shop all of the deals by clicking here. Andddd you can shop the rest of my picks (again, all sourced last night so I might be missing a few!) here.

Before we dive in: you might recognize the location for today’s photos. Yep, these photos were taken when I went to Versailles last month. Why am I posting a LOFT dress taken at Versailles for Amazon Prime Day? Because today’s pretty much the closest I get to feeling like a pretty pretty princess / a big spender all year.

Vacuum? Add to cart. New TV? Pish posh, let’s do it – it’s basically free. Okay that brings my total to about 40% less than I had budgeted… so let’s grab a few more things BECAUSE WE CAN.

Or is that not how y’all shop?

Blue LOFT Summer Dress | Best Summer Dresses | Dresses that Come in Plus Sizes

Versailles in the Summer via Glitter & Spice
Versailles in the Summer via Glitter & Spice
What to Wear to Visit Versailles in the Summer via Dallas fashion and travel blogger, Glitter & Spice
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Sugarfix by BaubleBar Pink Earrings | Statement Earrings for Under $25

Fun casual summer dress via Glitter & Spice

What I’m Wearing:

Dress: LOFT (also available in plus size!) | Earrings: Sugarfix by BaubleBar

Shoes: Melissa | Bag: Similar | Sunglasses: LOFT | Scarf: similar

What to Buy on Prime Day 2018

What to Buy on Prime Day 2018: Home Automation

There are some amazing deals on home automation this year. Like 80% of my picks for what to buy on Prime Day 2018 are in home automation. I already have an Amazon Echo (and I love it!) as well as an Amazon Echo Look (I honestly don’t use it). I also have (and love) the Ring Doorbell.

To take advantage of all my Ring Doorbell can do (i.e. to see the door from the comfort of the 2nd floor of my townhouse), I bought the Amazon Echo Spot yesterday. This device has both video and audio capabilities… meaning it’s perfect to put in my kitchen so I can watch the news as I eat breakfast or video call my friends while making dinner!

Another great steal this year is the Amazon Fire TV Cube. Basically, it’s like the Apple TV 4K… only completely hands-free! Just so you know: this product is still really buggy according to reviews, so I decided to save it for next year and grab the Fire TV Stick instead (it’s only $19.99!!).

My final home automation recommendation? My favorite robo-vacuum! Okay, it’s not controlled by an app or by Alexa (there is a remote control!)… BUT I put it in this category because it makes my life sooo much easier. Because I hate vacuuming. Yes, I already have one (for the second floor of my townhouse), but I realized last week that I desperately needed to vacuum the 3rd floor of my house… so HELLO SOLUTION. Score.

What to Buy on Prime Day 2018: Personal Care

I’ve talked before about my love of Bioderma Micellar Water. I use this product every morning and every evening after washing my face to remove the last traces of makeup/whatever from my skin. My sister (who is a total makeup guru and is skincare-obsessed) swears by it. She even bought a bottle for us to use in Europe last month. I’m actually almost out of the bottle I bought a few months ago, so I grabbed 2 more bottles for Prime Day.

Despite my usage of micellar water and the fact that I am vigilant about keeping my skin clean, Europe really wreaked havoc on my face. I am so embarrassingly broken out right now, it’s not even funny. To help combat the fact that I look like a pubescent preteen at the moment, I stocked up on Clarisonic goodies… namely the radiance brush head (on sale for 43% off!) and – my favorite – the luxe cashmere brush head.

What to Buy on Prime Day 2018: Kitchen

If you don’t yet have a set of Calphalon cookware, I hightly recommend picking up a set. Today. I’ve had this set for about 5 years and the pieces hold up so well.

The same cannot be said about my baking sheets. When I first graduated college and was outfitting my first apartment, I went to IKEA and stocked up on a bunch of home goods… including baking sheets. Well fast forward to last week and one of them legit broke while in the oven and the other is now so warped it’s not so much a “sheet” as it is “a semi-spherical object”. So I decided to buy new baking sheets. These baking sheets are completely nonstick (and one of my friends has them and swears by them!). In the event you don’t want to wait for me to report back, you can grab a set today for yourself for less than $40!

I grabbed these travel mugs in last year’s Prime Day. And I have not had one spill since. The lids are dishwasher-safe and they do a really good job of insulating your morning brew. Since I was so in love with the mugs, I decided to test out the water bottle (and another mug… it comes as a set) in this year’s Prime Day. They’re currently on sale for 37% off so it’s the perfect time to see if they live up to the hype!

What to Buy on Prime Day 2018: Home

And finally: games. My list of what to buy on Prime Day 2018 would obviously not be complete without a whole bunch of stupid party games. This year, Prime Day includes two of my favorite party games: Cards Against Humanity and Exploding Kittens. As well as a bunch of expansion packs for each. Trust me, they’re amazing. And if you don’t fully trust me, at least they’re less than $20. Though you really should trust me – both games are A+.