The Comfiest Shoes for Summer Travels

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Hey there. Yep, it’s me. Still alive. Just been super busy (read more about what I’ve been busy doing here). While I got accustomed to working a 9-to-5 again (and to maintaining a more normal sleep schedule), I decided to take a break from the blog. Partially because I was too tired each night to write anything sensical, partially because I was really just looking out for y’all. I know, I’m so sweet.

To mark my return to the blogging world, I thought I’d share my top picks for the comfiest shoes for summer travels. Because I feel like just about everybody is on vacay celebrating pre-back-to-school right now. And I’m stuck reliving my June European Adventure in my dreams (#cubelife is my reality).

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What I’m Wearing:

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It should really come as no surprise to any of you that my list of the comfiest shoes for summer travels is topped with these Melissa Shoes sandals. If you don’t own them, you need them. If you don’t have any trips left before the end of summer, grab them now to wear next year. TRUST. ME.

In case you weren’t following along my daily adventures in Europe in June on Instagram Stories, you might not know that I wore these sandals just about every damn day. Not even kidding. I think of the 30 days I was traveling, I wore these shoes for at least one activity on 25 of them. And when I wasn’t wearing these sandals, I was wearing their heeled sisters.

The Comfiest Shoes for Summer Travels: Melissa

So what puts these shoes at the top my list? Well (a) they’re comfy AF. Like out-of-this-world comfy. Comfier than most sneakers I own. And on a list of the comfiest shoes for summer travels, that should mean something.

(b) They’re made of PVC, so they’re washable. Before you make like my mother and say “umm that’s weird”, think about all the stuff that gets on your shoes while traveling. Dirt, dust, mud, whatever. You can spend a day playing in the sand in every single Parisian park and then plop these bad boys in the sink, wash them off for about 10 seconds, and – voilĂ  – they’re good as new. They’re also super clutch for those random summer rainstorms (because nobody wants to wear wellies when it’s 90F outside).

Oh and (c) they’re on sale right now for $77. Boom.

The only con of these shoes is that you might get a weird triangley tan line on your feet. That somehow manages to stick around for months after your trip. Not like I’m talking from personal experience or anything. But assuming you’re not like me and you don’t get weirdly addicted to wearing just one pair of shoes for an entire month, you should be fine.

Even if you do get addicted, Melissa makes so many great styles. I own these heels (perfect for nights during which you have to be on you feet all night!). These loafers are definitely on my list, as are these Mary Janes (both would be great for fall travels!). These sandals remind me of the ones I own but somehow look even comfier. And these sandals are crazy cute in person.

The Comfiest Shoes for Summer Travels: Cole Haan

I’ve sworn by Cole Haan shoes for years. All of my nude pumps (for some reason or another I have several nude pumps) are Cole Haan. If I’m buying a stiletto heel, chances are it’s Cole Haan. Why? Because they’re damn comfy. And strangely affordable.

I bought these Cole Haan flats in the Nordstrom Sale and OMG they’re comfy. I bought them in “Twine Leather” but now I also want them in “Silver Pink Leather” and “Marine Blue Leather”!

And – speaking of navy Cole Haan shoes – these block-heel leather pumps claim to be waterproof… which makes me want them desperately. Basically, the more a pair of shoes claims to be indestructible, the more I want them. Because – quite honestly – I really don’t take good care of my shoes so I need shoes that can stand up to the wear and tear I put them through.

PS in the event you’re like “okay… this is great, Amanda, BUT I have a fall trip coming up and no more summer adventures,” Cole Haan also makes crazy-comfy boots and booties for fall. I really love the look of these riding boots and these chic booties.

If none of those picks catch your eye, I recommend checking out Ann Taylor’s shoes and J.Crew’s shoes. Both brands make surprisingly comfortable heels (though I would avoid J.Crew’s sandals as they have literally 0 arch support). I have several pairs of J.Crew flats and a bunch of pairs of Ann Taylor pumps, so I’m definitely speaking from personal experience when I say that these are some of the comfiest shoes for summer travels (or for life in general!).

Similarly, J.Crew Factory has crazy-comfy shoes. I’ve owned these flats for several years and they’re still some of the comfiest shoes I own (and I always receive compliments on them!!). BUT I would definitely avoid their d’Orsay flats – even though they’re super cute – because they have no arch support.

Your feet will thank you later.