My In-Flight Skincare Routine for Long Flights

My In-Flight Skincare Routine for Long Flights | Long Haul Flight Beauty Essentials | Best Face Mask for Flights | Best Beauty Products for Air Travel via travel blogger Glitter & Spice
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Since Sephora is having an amazing sale right now (and only through the end of today so hurry over ASAP!), I thought it the perfect time to share my full in-flight skincare routine for long flights.

In case you’re relatively new to Glitter & Spice and aren’t in-the-know, I have dry skin. I mean absurdly dry skin. If I don’t wear moisturizer for even one day, my skin gets dull and flaky. Like Goldmember. It’s gross. And FYI: flying exacerbates said dryness as the dry, cold cabin air will dry anybody out.

As a result, I do this routine on each and every flight lasting over 5 hours. AKA on every international flight. Sure, I might look like a total freako during the flight, but then I’m a glowing goddess (or at least not-miserable-looking) upon landing, so I’ll take that tradeoff.

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Long-Haul Flight Beauty Essentials | Skincare Routines for International Flights via Lifestyle Blogger, Glitter & Spice

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Okay, to be honest, I don’t do my full in-flight skincare routine each and every flight. But I always combine segments of it on each flight. Some flights, I’ll clean my face and then do a face mask before applying the moisturizer before landing. Sometimes, I’ll sleep with my favorite sleep mask and then do an eye mask before landing.

The key to my in-flight skincare routine for long flights is a clean and well-hydrated face. As a result, my routine can be boiled down to three major parts: clean, hydrate, and freshen.

My In-Flight Skincare Routine for Long Flights: Start with a Clean Face

Shortly after takeoff, I will stow off to the lavatory to begin my in-flight skincare routine for long flights and turn my face into a clean slate. I always travel with makeup remover – sometimes just some Neutrogena wipes but typically also with some micellar water in tow.

After removing my makeup, I use whatever my cleanser(s) of choice is at that time. Right now, I’m seriously obsessed with this charcoal cleanser. If you have sensitive skin, I’d recommend this Cetaphil cleanser. When I’m having a breakout, I tend to use this treatment cleanser. On my flights to and from Europe in June, I used a two-step cleansing routine: first using this foaming hydrating cleanser and, second, this hydrating cream cleanser.

The last step in the cleansing section of my in-flight skincare routine for long flights is exfoliating. I recently received a few travel-sized vials of this treatment enzyme peel from Sephora. Before discovering this product (I seriously so highly recommend it – it makes such a difference!), I used this [more affordable] microfoliant from Dermalogica.

My In-Flight Skincare Routine for Long Flights: Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

The next – and possibly most important step – in my in-flight skincare routine for long flights is hydration. Immediately after I finish cleansing my face, I will retake my seat and apply a hydrating face mask. Y’all already know my love of these hydrating snail masks from this blog post… Some of my other favorite sheet masks include this cult fave from Sephora and these hydrating sheet masks.

If the flight is absurdly cold (y’all know what I mean), I sometimes can’t gather the courage to freeze my face off for 20 minutes. That’s when I’ll grab one of my other favorite masks (sometimes I even put one of these masks on after my sheet mask if my skin is really in need of hydration). My current faves for a ton of hydration are this GLAMGLOW mask and this cult favorite that literally has Jet Lag in the name. If I don’t need quite as much hydration for whatever reason, I’ll typically grab this water sleeping mask (my friends with oily skin really like this one too!).

Finally, I always travel with a travel size of Vaseline to ensure that my lips stay hydrated. If you’re flying in premium cabins, the complimentary lip balm provided in-flight is typically pretty good. BUT if you’re not flying premium and you forget to pack a tin of Vaseline, you can typically find this lip balm or this Nivea one in a drugstore in the airport. I’ll put on my lip treatment shortly before settling in and falling asleep on any long-haul flight.

My In-Flight Skincare Routine for Long Flights: Freshen Up Before Landing

About an hour before landing, I conclude my in-flight skincare routine for long flights by freshening up. I’ll go brush my teeth and, if I feel I need it, I’ll put on an eye mask like this one for a quick jolt of hydration (plus the cold will wake me up and make me look more awake and refreshed).

Otherwise, I’ll simply apply my favorite moisturizer (it smells so good!) and eye balm. A bit more Vaseline to my lips, and then I finish it all off with a hydrating spray (I love this one but this one‘s also great).

I always wait to apply makeup till after I’ve had a chance to get to the hotel and shower. Instead, I make a point to focus solely on hydration during the flight, ensuring my skin looks as refreshed (and hopefully blemish-free) as possible for my trip.

What is your in-flight skincare routine for long flights? Do you have any products you’d recommend? If so, please share them in the comments below!