My 10-Minute Everyday Makeup Routine for Work

10-Minute Everyday Makeup Routine for Work for Natural-Looking Makeup, as shown on Amanda of Glitter & Spice #makeup #makeuproutine #naturalmakeup

I’m gonna start this 10-minute everyday makeup routine post out by:

  1. Saying that this is simply an everyday makeup routine for work that works for me, and
  2. Reminding y’all that I am NOT A BEAUTY BLOGGER. Literally not at all. I still don’t really understand how to do eyeshadow and my only beauty-related talents lie in my abilities to apply fake eyelashes (to myself) and do cat-eye eyeliner (on myself). But the moment I break out the lip liner? Instant clown circa 1980s.

So why am I writing this post? Well, I found a 10-minute everyday makeup routine that works for me. And I wanted to share it, just in case it helps simplify your mornings too.

I am of the firm belief that makeup should help bring out your inner beauty. Not make you look like a completely different human being. Less is more when it comes to my daily makeup look (especially when I’m doing my makeup routine for work).

If you watch my Instagram Stories, you’ve probably realized that, without makeup, I basically look like a British man. However, with makeup, I personally think I look like a British man with Bambi eyes and somewhat defined cheekbones. Basically: I’m a redcoat either way, I just look slightly more adorable with makeup on. So my original point still stands.

Eyes downcast to show off eyelashes while wearing fur bathrobe; natural-looking makeup routine for work that gives you thick, full eyelashes

This 10-minute everyday makeup routine works best on a fresh face. As such, every morning, I start my day with a quick skincare routine. I have incredibly dry skin (particularly during allergy season aka right now). As a result, I’ve lately been using this Skin Ceuticals Cream Cleanser.

This product is the only product in my entire arsenal which has received approval from both my dermatologist and my esthetician. And it looks pretty on my countertop and doesn’t dry out my skin. So winning all around.

After cleansing my skin (and giving it a splash of cold water to help wake me up), I either use this Youth to the People Moisturizer (see: pretty on my countertop) or EpiCeram. The latter is not at all pretty, but it’s dermatologist-prescribed and I really kinda hate that it works so well.

To finish my quick skincare routine, I dab some AmorePacific Eye Cream under my eyes and apply this new Dermalogica Moisturizing Sunscreen all over my face (FYI I received both of these products as gifts from the brands). And then I brush my teeth as all of that soaks into my skin. Just in case you were wondering when that happened.

Once my teeth are clean and my face is moisturized, it’s time to start my 10-minute everyday makeup routine for work. So here we go:

My 10-Minute Everyday Makeup Routine

Sooooo I have a secret to tell y’all: I don’t use foundation.

*gasp in horror*

I know: my makeup-obsessed little sister will disown me when she reads this post. But hear me out: in all my years (of which there are many as I’m so wizened), I’ve never found a foundation that meets all of my requirements:

  • Doesn’t look cakey on my dry skin;
  • Shows my freckles while giving me an even skin tone;
  • Moisturizes my skin without looking shiny; and
  • Actually matches my pale AF skin.

That last one is surprisingly difficult, so I just avoid the concept of foundation altogether. Perhaps one day I’ll find one I love enough to bring me to the dark side, bu that day is not today.

So you’re probably wondering how I make my skin even (ish) without foundation. My answer? Well- placed concealer + powder.

I discovered this Josie Maran Liquid Concealer a few months ago. It instantly replaced my long-loved Tarte stick and liquid concealers.

Not only is the Josie Maran concealer non-toxic and certified “Clean” at Sephora, it’s perfectly thick for covering up my zits and dark under eye circles alike while also being really spreadable and blendable (BTW I use these super inexpensive sponges to blend!). I’m a big fan of this discovery.

After I conceal my raccoon-esque under eye circles and cover up all of those blemishes (of which there are typically many), I use this Bare Minerals Powder to spot blend. What does that mean? I basically take a smaller brush to any redness or discolorations from the concealer. Then, I use a larger brush to buff out the “packed” look and make it look more natural.

If that all makes 0 sense to you, (a) I’m sorry and (b) pop over to my Instagram Stories later today – I’ll do a walkthrough of this entire 10-minute everyday makeup routine.

So now my face is buffed, blended, and relatively the same color. We’re about 2 minutes into the 10-minute everyday makeup routine right now, if you’re keeping track.

At this point, I pause to do my eyebrows and start my eyelashes. Ever since I dyed my hair (and, consequently, dyed my eyebrows to match), I’ve forgone penciling in my eyebrows. Instead, I now use this Chella Clear Eyebrow Gel to define and shape my brows. It’s fast, easy, and looks super natural (because it’s clear).

Next, I curl my eyelashes, holding the curl for about 10-20 seconds (and pulsing the curl) on each eye. I’ve sworn by this Shiseido Eyelash Curler since middle school – I’ve tried 5 or 6 curlers over the years and no other product curls as well as this one does.

After curling, I apply my first mascara.

Yes, you read that right: first mascara. If there’s one thing I take seriously in my 10-minute everyday makeup routine, it’s my eyelashes. Long, dark, full eyelashes not only give you that doe-eyed, adorable, damsel-in-the-headlights, Disney princess look, but they’re also the biggest thing that takes me from Revolutionary-era soldier to at least mid-20th century female. If I were to ever sport a low ponytail, you can bet that I’d have the biggest, darkest eyelashes that day to help me not look like a character from Hamilton.

So: first mascara. My first mascara is this Benefit Mascara. It gives your lashes amazing length and definition. This mascara hardly ever clumps and it makes your eyelashes look crazy-long.

I apply a few coats of this mascara – just enough to make sure that every millimeter of every one of my top lashes is coated (takes about a minute or two). And then I let my mascara dry as I finish my face.

If you’re anything like me, you understand contouring conceptually… but maybe not in practice. Or you just don’t have the time to do it every friggin day as you’re running late for work.

Girl, I’m with you.

Since I only typically have 10 minutes to do my makeup each morning, I’ve developed a quick and easy routine to give my face definition without:

  1. Taking too much time;
  2. Weighing my face down with tons of products; or
  3. Making me look like a fembot.

I received this Clarins Bronzer as a gift from the brand last fall. Using this brush (no clue if this is right – again, #notabeautyblogger), I apply my bronzer right under my cheekbones, down to my jawline, and up to my temples. It’s kind of in the shape of a 3 (or an E, depending on the side). I read somewhere that that’s what you’re supposed to do to get a natural-looking glow with definition, so that’s what I do.

Next, I grab this Nars Palette. I’ve used ‘Orgasm’ (it’s a shade, dad!) since high school, and I love this palette because it pairs my favorite blush with a gorgeous highlighter.

To apply the blush, I do a creepy-looking, toothless smile to make my cheeks as big as possible. Then, I brush the blush from the inner corners of my cheeks to my temples.

Then, I use this brush to highlight the tops of my cheeks and down the center of my nose, before grabbing this brush to apply the highlighter to the inner corners of my eyes, right under my eyebrows (on the brow bones), and on my cupid’s bow.

Basically all of that just makes me look more awake/alive. Which I need at 7AM.

Once my face is done, it’s time to go back to the eyes. At this point, we’re about 7 minutes into the 10-minute everyday makeup routine.

As my second mascara, I use this Stila Mascara. Full name: Stila Huge Extreme Lash Mascara. Never before has a product name been so apt.

Note that this mascara does have a tendency to clump – I always keep a clean wand on hand to fix clumps! I use it because it gives my eyelashes such a thick and full appearance that people often ask me if I’m wearing fake eyelashes. 10/10 would recommend.

I focus this mascara on the outer edges of my top lashes and at the parts where my eyelashes are longest. Basically, I go up in the center (from the root of my eyelashes to the ends) for a few strokes, and then out in the edges (from the root of my eyelashes to the ends) towards my temples for a few strokes. This will give your eyelashes the appearance of being really thick and full.

At this point, we’re almost at the 10-minute mark. I finish up my natural-looking, 10-minute everyday makeup routine with either a swipe of my favorite Clarins Lip Gloss (received as a gift from the brand!) or my handy dandy lip balm.

And then out the door I run!

Did you find this 10-minute everyday makeup routine helpful? What are a few products by which you swear? Let me know in the comments below!

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