The Best Patio Restaurants in Dallas

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Spring is the best time to be in Dallas. And it’s the best time to check out and dine at all of the best outdoor bars and patio restaurants in Dallas. The weather is warm without being deathly hot. There’s often a nice, cool breeze, and, as long as you have enough allergy meds on hand, the wildflowers are truly beautiful.

Basically, it’s the perfect time to be outside. Which is good because almost every restaurant or bar in Dallas has a patio. And a cool one at that. You can go dine al fresco at Dolce Riviera, or you can go the casual route and grab beeritas, chips, and guac at The Katy Trail Ice House (pictured!).

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Amanda of Glitter & Spice, holding Revolver Blood & Honey beer at Katy Trail Ice House in Uptown, Dallas | Best Patio Restaurants in Dallas #dallas
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Okay a few notes before we dive into my list of the best patio restaurants in Dallas:

First, even though only two spots in Highland Park Village made the list, I do recommend lunch at Bird Bakery, coffee at Royal Blue Grocery, and dinner at Mi Cocina. I haven’t yet been to Park House, but their patio looks amazing so I cannot wait to go.

Similarly, I adore just about every restaurant at Trinity Groves, but lines had to be drawn so only one made the cut.

So, without further ado, here is my undisputed (as of yet!) list of the best patio restaurants in Dallas:

The Best Patio Restaurants in Dallas

Downtown Dallas + Deep Ellum

  • Harlowe MXM – this Deep Ellum spot sports the swankiest bar downstairs, and a patio with absolutely epic views of Downtown. The dumplings are good, the burger is great.
  • Mirador – this is the only restaurant technically in Downtown Dallas that made the list. Waterproof was close, but it’s really a bar, so it ended up getting the axe (but it’s great too!). Mirador is the perfect spot to pop in for lunch after [window] shopping at Neiman Marcus or Forty Five Ten. If the lobster roll is on the menu when you go, get it – it’s worth it.
  • Stirr – on a weeknight, this popular spot is a great place for a drinks date (speaking from personal experience here!). On the weekend, however, good luck finding seating – people flock here for the great views. If you do happen to find seating, I love the tuna poke tacos and the mushroom flatbread.

Design District and Oak Cliff

  • El Bolero – this restaurant recently opened another location off of Fitzhugh, but the first one I went to was the Design District location so that’s how I will eternally think of it. Go Monday for amazing margarita deals or Friday for the delicious lobster fajitas!
  • Oddfellows – this Bishop Arts restaurant is one of the top brunch spots in Dallas… and it just happens to sport a pretty cute patio. There tends to be a long wait for a table, so be prepared (and get a frozé to help you pass the time!).
  • Sassetta – okay so truth be told, I’ve never actually sat on Sassetta’s patio. I noticed they had patio seating last time I was at Wheelhouse, and I’ve been excited to go back and dine al fresco ever since. Sassetta is one of my top 5 favorite spots for dinner in Dallas. When you go (not if!), get the meatballs. Trust me.
  • Souk – all of the spots in Trinity Groves are fun and have great outdoor spaces, but this one has bellydancing at night and positively delicious food. Go for the vibe and stay for the tea (it’s really good!).

Lower Greenville

  • Halcyon – I actually grew up going to this coffee shop/wine bar’s original location, in Downtown Austin. Now, in Dallas (and as an adult!), Halcyon is one of my favorite spots to grab a drink and a bite while working. Everything here is pretty good, but I feel the need to tell you that they have s’mores. And now you know why I spent so much time at the Austin location in high school.
  • HG SPLY CO. – I mentioned this restaurant back in this post about my favorite first date spots… but I love it so much, I felt the need to bring it up again. There are actually two patio options here: the front patio and the rooftop patio. While the former is cool, the latter is my fav. Go to HG’s rooftop patio for first come, first served drinks and bites… and definitely order a frozen moscow mule!
  • Truck Yard – I originally wasn’t going to include this restaurant because I think of it as more of a bar than a restaurant, but then my friend yelled at me so Truck Yard earned its spot. This BAR/restaurant reminds me of East Austin – it’s funky and quirky and it’s known for its food trucks. When I go with my friends, I like to go early so we can grab the bird’s nest (I call it the pirate deck). That sentence will hopefully make sense when you go.

Park Cities

  • José – this Mexican restaurant is not only one of the best patio restaurants in Dallas: it’s one of the best patio restaurants I’ve ever dined at anywhere. Not only is it good food, but the patio is such a crucial element of this restaurant – it’s one of my favorite places to be on a sunny evening. Plus, in the realm of more pricey Mexican food in Dallas, I’d recommend José over Javier’s any day (I think Javier’s is way overrated, but that’s a conversation for another time). Get “the usual” cocktail and an order of ceviche.
  • Lounge 31 – just behind Bistro 31 in Highland Park Village, you’ll find it’s sister restaurant, Lounge 31. On a lovely night, you will most likely find me on the landing patio, at the base of the stairs, lounging while eating oysters and sipping champagne with friends. That’s my idea of a wonderful evening. And it doesn’t happen nearly frequently enough in my opinion.
  • The Honor Bar – this restaurant is so sceney sometimes it hurts, but I had to include it on my list of the best patio restaurants in Dallas because it quite honestly has one of the best patios. Period. Get the burger when you go.


  • Dolce Riviera – this casual Italian restaurant is the perfect spot for a lovely dinner, al-fresco. Get one of their delicious pasta dishes and a glass of wine, and enjoy a cool night on their gorgeous patio (seriously I need whoever did the design to come do my backyard!). PS they do a great limoncello cocktail here!
  • Henry’s Majestic – I did my birthday here last year… that’s how much I love their brunch! Their dinner is good too, but their brunch is one of the best brunches in Dallas. Make sure you get a mimosa (at the sparkle bar!) and I recommend ordering the chilaquiles.
  • Katy Trail Ice House – any list of the best patio restaurants in Dallas would be incomplete without the Ice House. It might not have the best food, but you can’t beat it for atmosphere. Pop by for casual beers or margaritas served in gourds so large, a medieval king would be jealous.
  • Moxie’s – this hotspot is fun for a meal or for drinks. Whenever I go, I like to get a bunch of the appetizers to share with my friends (the appetizers at Moxie’s are the best!).
  • Sixty Vines – with an awesome menu and tons of wines on tap, this restaurant is great for both brunch and dinner. Whatever you do, get the roasted cauliflower. Trust me.
  • Ziziki’s – On a nice night, I believe there is nowhere more lovely in Dallas than the patio at Ziziki’s, over by the fountain. Each time I eat out there, it makes me feel like I’m back in Europe! Ziziki’s is one of the more underrated restaurants in Dallas, so it’s typically pretty easy to get a table, even on the most gorgeous of nights.

Victory Park

  • Saint Ann – now that I’m writing this post, I realize I don’t go to Saint Ann nearly enough. It’s quite good and the front patio/courtyard is stunning. Go for happy hour and stay for the live music every Wednesday and Thursday night.
  • Taqueria La Ventana – okay I don’t know if this is technically a patio… it’s an entirely outdoor restaurant. But it made the list because it’s absolutely delicious (and probably the most budget-friendly option on my entire list!). Get the elotes when you go – they make them better than any other restaurant in Dallas.
  • The Henry – this new Dallas “it” spot requires a reservation or a long wait for a table downstairs (both inside and outside), but the upstairs patio is first come, first served. No matter where you sit, get the potstickers: they’re heavenly.

Did I leave off any of your favorites? What’s on your list of the best patio restaurants in Dallas? Let me know in the comments below!

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