Dating During COVID: 9 Socially-Distanced Date Ideas

Blogger shares socially-distanced date ideas and what to wear on a socially-distanced date | Featuring Amazon midi dress, BaubleBar mask

Last week, I shared my best tips for Zoom dating. But what should you do when it’s time to meet up in person (assuming you’re comfortable doing so)? TBH, drinks dates aren’t great for maintaining social distancing… So I thought I’d share 9 of my favorite socially-distanced date ideas – perfect for your next Bumble date!

Keep in mind though: do what you’re comfortable doing. If you’re comfortable going on a date at a restaurant as long as you’re sitting outside and not close to other patrons, go for it. Rather stay 6+ feet apart and wear masks? My list below will help you come up with some great ideas so you can still have a fun time.

Oh and since it should probably be said: remember to check public health guidelines before heading out on a date. They are being updated frequently and may help you determine what type of socially-distanced date is best for you.

What to wear on a socially-distanced first date
BaubleBar mask | Neely & Chloe The Mini Lady Bag | Blue bag | Blue mask | Fashionable mask
Blogger goes on a picnic as an example of socially-distanced date ideas
What to bring on a breakfast picnic | Starbucks Spinach, Feta & Cage-Free Egg White Wrap
Comfortable dress to wear on a date | Blue mask

9 Socially-Distanced Date Ideas

  1. Have a picnic – it’s the perfect socially-distanced date activity for any time of day. I actually went on a socially-distanced picnic date in Colorado this summer – it was such fun and seriously the perfect way to enjoy a nice day.
  1. Go for a walk (or a hike). I like to go for walks through my neighborhood, but you can easily wander wherever!
  1. Go apple picking – the perfect fall activity.
  1. Head over to a pumpkin patch or adventure through a corn maze (best before Halloween… for obvious reasons).
  1. Visit a farmer’s market. Out of all of my socially-distanced date ideas, this might be my most productive one. Go on a date and get your groceries all at once? That’s the epitome of two birds, one stone, my friend.
  1. Head out to your closest lake and rent your own stand up paddle boards, kayaks, or paddle boats. Do this one at your own risk by the way. I, for one, don’t have the balancing skills to 100% guarantee I would not end up in the water! But I suppose that’s half of the fun… Slash why you wear a swimsuit.
  1. Grab (or rent) your bikes (and helmets) and go for a leisurely bike ride around town. While I’m not entirely sure I can still ride a bike (despite how the old adage goes), I definitely think this would be a super-fun socially-distanced date idea! Ride around and then find a coffee shop or taco stand at which you can sit outside and spend some time really getting to know each other. Best part? No need for Ubers!
  1. Go fishing! No, really. It’s a slightly unorthodox date idea, but it’s definitely memorable. Plus for once it might actually be a good thing if you don’t catch anything.
  1. If you have a backyard, grab a projector and watch a movie together (while still 6 feet apart)! I personally love this projector – I’ve owned it for years and have convinced so many of my friends to buy it. BYO blankets and movie snacks to complete this socially-distanced date idea.

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