7 Ways to Spend a Rainy Day During Quarantine

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I promised y’all I’d be back! I know I’ve been really MIA this year (after promising to do better) and I’ll dive into what all that was about later this fall. But on the plus side: I’m finally back… and with a highly-requested post and a completely new blog and newsletter design to boot!

In early August, I asked y’all on Instagram Stories what you wanted to see from me this fall. I received so many requests for ideas on ways to spend a rainy day during quarantine (or general indoor activities for quarantine) because it seems like this situation isn’t going away anytime soon.

Well, lucky for y’all, my family refers to me as their “indoor cat”. That’s right folks, I’m the queen of finding excuses to not go outside (might be why I’m so pale?). And I’ve been this way long before quarantine began. Obviously, the shutdown took it up a notch so I cleared a space in my house for some home workouts… but between that and my usual habits, I can find any excuse to not leave the house.

With that in mind, I do believe it is super important to get outside at least a few times a week for an hour or two (weather permitting). On truly lovely days, I enjoy nothing more than putting on a podcast or an audiobook, and walking around my neighborhood. After that, I’ll sit on my porch swing with a cocktail, enjoy a dinner on the patio, and sometimes watch a movie projected in my backyard fence with my favorite projector.

But sometimes the weather doesn’t agree with those plans. So how is one supposed to spend a rainy day during quarantine (other than watching TV)? Keep reading, friends: indoor cat’s got you.

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In case you don’t yet own a pair, these pajamas are insanely comfortable!

7 Ways to Spend a Rainy Day During Quarantine

Do Some Housework

I know, I know. This is the least glamorous way to spend a day. But think about how wonderful it will be to have a sparkling-clean house when you wake up tomorrow!

And by the way, this doesn’t necessarily have to mean a day spent on your hands and knees cleaning (ew). You can also organize your pantry. Reorganize your closet. Or, better yet, go through your closet and find things to donate. Build some IKEA furniture, clean up the wiring behind your TV, or just clean your makeup brushes. So many options, all of which will feel like a giant load off your back the moment you’re done!

Complete an online course

A rainy day during quarantine is the best time to devote to learning something new. At the beginning of the lockdown, I made a point to spend at least 1 hour each day doing Spanish lessons via Duolingo (has a free option). Some of my friends took wine classes or photoshop classes on Masterclass or SkillShare.

Want to save some money? YouTube is a wealth of knowledge. And it’s free… you just have to know what to search! A few of my friends used quarantine to brush up on / learn new skills for work (like SQL or Excel) via YouTube – great use of that free time!

Give yourself an at-home spa day

This might be my personal favorite way to spend a rainy day during quarantine. I took a few hours every Sunday during lockdown to do some pampering and self-care. Just because you’re not leaving your house, doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve it!

When I got back from my (slightly longer) walk on Sunday afternoon, I would do an Olaplex hair mask for 30 minutes to an hour. During that time, I would paint my nails, do one of my favorite face masks, and/or take a bubble bath. Sometimes I’d listen to music or a podcast, more often I’d turn on my latest audiobook or whatever TV show I was bingeing that week.

BTW if you have a jade roller or ice roller, this is the perfect time to put it to use!

Do an at-home workout

At the beginning of lockdown (before it got insanely hot in Dallas), I was either going for a 4+ mile walk or legit not doing a single minute of exercise each day. Lately, however, I’ve been all about the at-home workout.

If you’re an Equinox member (as I am), they recently came out with a mobile app for streaming workouts. It’s currently available exclusively to members, but they’re going to be opening it up to non-members in the not-too-distant future! The app includes Equinox classes as well as PureYoga, SoulCycle, Precision Run, and HeadStrong (meditation). I’ll be sharing my weekly fitness routine later this month, but I’ve been doing 2-3 classes a day off of Variis since it debuted earlier this summer.

Not a member and wanna get kickin sooner rather than later? There are tons of options for at-home workouts now! If you like HIIT and strength-building, try SWEAT (weekly plans of super-tough 30 minute workouts). More into pilates and barre? Try Physique57 (one of my favorites from when I was really into barre), Glo, or Blogilates (it’s free!). Want to do a little bit of everything? I have friends who swear by Daily Burn and obĂ© fitness. All of these require very little (if any!) equipment so they’re really easy to do at home.

Bake up a storm (and freeze the leftovers)

Okay if giving myself an at-home spa day is my favorite way to spend a rainy day during quarantine, baking up a storm is a very close second! If you follow me on Instagram (and – more importantly – watch my Instagram Stories), you probably know how much I love to bake.

While I’ve been in Colorado, I’ve had fortnightly baking dates with a friend. We’ve made bagels (recipe coming soon!), breadsticks, and even cornbread. Separately, I’ve made a ton of bread and even more cookies (click here for my recipe). Next on my to-bake list? Croissants. Stay tuned.

For those of you who want to dive headfirst into baking, go ahead and bake your way through a cookbook or two. But don’t worry about eating everything day-of: you can freeze most baked goods, and the ones you can’t make for great gifts to leave on a friend’s doorstep!

Do a virtual workshop (solo or with a friend)

Missing your friends but can’t sit through another Zoom happy hour? Tons of stores around the country have gone virtual! Doing a virtual workshop (solo or with a friend) is the perfect way to support local small businesses while also mixing up your routine.

In Dallas, Scardello has been offering virtual cheese-tastings – you just pick up the cheese tray curbside and head home for your class. Not in Dallas? No worries. Companies like Life at the Table, Uncorked Kitchen, and The Chef and the Dish are all offering virtual cooking classes, complete with a hands-on section. Do a virtual flower arranging workshop with Alice’s Table or The Flower Social. Want something a little more permanent? Try a virtual painting class like the ones offered by Yaymaker. So many options!

Play a game – the perfect way to spend a rainy day during quarantine!

One last option in the event you are still looking for ways to spend a rainy day during quarantine: play a game. If you’re cooped up with your partner, your family, or your roommate, you can play any number of games both in-person and online. Alone? Do a virtual game night with your friends!

Some of my favorites are Cards Against Humanity (you can also play online), Exploding Kittens, Rummikub, and legit all of the Jackbox Games (my favorites are Quiplash and Drawful). While some of these are a bit more challenging to play virtually than others, the Jackbox games are super easy to play via Zoom or FaceTime (speaking from experience here).

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7 Ways to Spend a Rainy Day During Quarantine