5 Awesome Beauty Tools on Amazon Under $100

Beauty Tools on Amazon

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been doing a lot of shopping on Amazon this year. I’ve bought home goods, games, and even a screaming goat. While I still go to retailers like Sephora for the majority of my beauty needs, this year, I even started buying my beauty tools on Amazon.

So, today, I’m sharing 5 of my absolute favorite beauty tools I’ve bought from Amazon that are under $100.

5 of My Favorite Beauty Tools on Amazon Under $100

1. Gua Sha and Jade Roller Set:

Last year, I suddenly noticed that just about everybody I follow on Instagram was jade rolling, ice rolling, and/or gua sha-ing. All the time. And I had no clue what any of those contraptions did.

In case you’re like 2019 Amanda, a jade roller or an ice roller are beauty tools you glide over your face, typically in the mornings. The cold will help de-puff your face (and wake you up). It can also help with circulation, which, in turn, helps with skin elasticity. A gua sha is an oddly-contoured tool that you glide over your skin (typically at night). Again, the cold helps with de-puffing, but the gua sha is particularly great for lymphatic drainage and skin elasticity.

This all sounds great, right? Until you look at the price tag. My blogger friends were sending me links to jade rollers (just the jade roller) for $100+. I don’t know about you, but I do not spend that kind of money unless I know how my skin is going to react. I learned my lesson after the GloPRO incident (I broke out like crazy for weeks after microneedling).

Fast forward to this summer. I was living with my parents in Colorado and desperately searching for a birthday present for my mom. I decided to create an at-home spa day-themed gift for her (perfect for a quarantine birthday!), combining my favorite Essie nail polish, face masks, and other bits and bobs into a fun little gift. But it still felt incomplete. Until I came across this jade roller and gua sha set of beauty tools on Amazon.

I don’t like to gift beauty items before I’ve tested them myself (so then I can really back it up when I say “this is an awesome product”). So, obviously, I bought a set for myself when I bought a set for my mom, and used it over the next few weeks fairly frequently. Long story short, my entire family (including my dad) is now obsessed. Best $20 ever spent.

PS it also comes in pink!

2. Microfiber Hair Turban

As you guys know, I take hair care very seriously. I really try to keep my usage of hot tools to an absolute minimum, and anything that can help me in that effort is worth the investment in my book.

“The investment.” Hah. I’m acting like they’re $$$. Guys – they’re under $20!

I’ve used these microfiber hair turbans for the better part of the past 2 years. They’re great because they dry my hair quickly and evenly and they’re much more gentle on my hair than traditional cotton towels or – gasp – blow dryers. I have a lot of really fine, long hair, so it can take a few hours for my hair to air dry. If I use a regular hair towel, my hair will dry a little faster, but the towel is constantly falling off my head (I am honestly terrible at tying towels – it’s my greatest weakness). So that’s super annoying.

When I use a microfiber hair turban, my hair dries super fast (it’ll get to 80% dry within 30 minutes, without using any heat at all!). It stays secure on my head, so I can do my makeup and even get dressed while my hair is drying. I’m a big fan.

3. Dermaplaning Razors (and a Reusable Dermaplaning Tool!)

One day in mid-July (this summer), my life forever changed. I had two firsts in one day: I got Botox (and fainted so that was super embarrassing) and I had my face dermaplaned (professionally). Let’s chat about the dermaplaning.

Guys: my face was so soft. Like crazy soft. I kept making my dad feel my nose because it was so soft. His reaction was – and I quote – “holy sh*t your nose is so soft!”

I told y’all: my life was forever changed that day.

Fast forward to about a month later. I could tell that once my peach fuzz on my face grew back, my skincare didn’t permeate as far anymore. I looked just a little less *glowy*, and we can’t have that. So, per my friend Anna’s recommendation, I bought some dermaplaning razors.

I will say flat out that getting your face dermaplaned professionally will yield more even results (no missed patches, etc) and will definitely last longer. However, it costs anywhere from $50 to $150. Per session. Aka per month. In my opinion, that’s a lot… so I am all for a cheaper alternative.

These dermaplaning razors are disposable and come in a pack of 3. I typically dermaplane my face every 3 weeks or so (sometimes earlier if the peach fuzz starts annoying me). All in all, I’m a really big fan and I’ve recommended these razors to a lot of my friends. Really, my only issue with these razors is that all that plastic isn’t good for the environment… So I bought this reusable dermaplaning tool (you just replace the razor heads with each use).

By the way, I might go so far as to say this was my favorite beauty tool I found on Amazon under $100 this year.

4. Facial Steamer

And now for my newest (and most luxurious) purchase: this facial steamer. Y’all know I love an at-home facialthis beauty tool I found on Amazon seriously completes the ritual. These days, since my skin is so dry (naturally dry skin + cold weather = skin which can be best described as “parched”), I’ve been using my facial steamer for 15 minutes, 3 nights a week. I use it between cleansing and exfoliating, and I’ll typically put on a hydrating mask afterwards.

I’ve only had it for a few weeks, so I have yet to see how my skin reacts long-term, but, so far, it’s a win.

As a note: I noticed that it’s been going in and out of stock on Amazon. In the event you want to purchase this beauty tool and it’s out of stock on Amazon, check Urban Outfitters – they seem to be keeping it in stock.

5. Makeup Sponge Blender Set

In case it’s not clear by now, I do not feel the need to spend more for a label name. Why spend $60 on the BeautyBio Quartz Roller when you can get this jade roller and gua sha set for less than half the price? Why should I spend $50-$150 per month on professional dermaplaning when I can just as easily do it to myself at home for under $20? And then you factor in the fact that it comes with 6 replacement heads… and another pack of 6 replacement heads is only $10… so even if I have to dermaplane twice a month, that’s still less than $5 per month over the course of a year.

Now that we’ve covered that math, let’s chat makeup sponges. Most people know the brand beautyblender and their eponymous makeup sponges. Which retail for $20. Each. You can occasionally find a deal on them, like this one, which includes 3 beautyblender sponges and a few other things for under $50. But that’s a rarity.

A few years ago, I found this makeup sponge set on Amazon. It comes in a pack of 7 and retails for about $10. Quick math: that’s at most $1.50 per makeup sponge. Versus $20.

At this point, it’s probably appropriate for me to remind you guys that I know just about nothing when it comes to makeup. So there may be a difference in the original beautyblender and my Amazon makeup sponge. However, I have done multiple side-by-side tests in which I use the beautyblender to apply makeup to half of my face and the Amazon makeup sponge for the other half and I cannot. tell. the. difference. One time, I even went out with friends after doing the test and they couldn’t tell the difference.

I will say that I’ve identified one difference in using these makeup sponges: the Amazon sponge soaks up a bit more makeup than the beautyblender… but I believe that the cost savings more than makeup for that issue.

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