The 9 Best Local Coffee Shops in Dallas

a list of my favorite coffee spots in dallas... by a local!
The best local coffee shops in Dallas by a Dallas-based blogger, featuring La La Land Kind Cafe's Greenville Avenue location

Let’s all agree: life is too short to drink bad coffee. One of my favorite weekly traditions pre-pandemic was going to different local coffee shops in Dallas to work.

On Saturday or Sunday mornings (more like afternoons, knowing me!), I’d walk to a coffee shop (or drive if it was further away). I’d grab a coffee or an almond milk chai latte (my favorite) and set up camp for a few hours. Sometimes, a friend would meet me. Often though, I’d just sit there solo. I’d have lunch while working and get all of my blog work done for the week. Then, I’d pack up and walk home. It was a fun little tradition.

Since Texas reopened post-lockdown last spring, I’ve adapted my tradition to be more takeaway-focused. Now, I’ll walk to one of the best local coffee shops in Dallas, purchase my caffeine of choice, and sip it as I walk around the neighborhood. It’s my time to catch up with friends or listen to one of my favorite podcasts. I find myself looking forward to these little weekend traditions, even though they’re still a far cry from their pre-pandemic origins.

Dallas blogger's list of the best local coffee shops - photo features blogger sitting on the Lower Greenville location of La La Land Kind Cafe's porch

The 9 Best Local Coffee Shops in Dallas

1. La La Land Kind Cafe

This list of the best local coffee shops in Dallas isn’t in order… but La La Land Kind Cafe is definitely my favorite local coffee shop by far. Yes, it’s a little expensive. But I love everything about this cafe… especially their principles.

Most of their employees are young adults who recently aged out of the foster care system. They’re sustainability-focused and all about quality ingredients. Plus, their branding is on point.

La La Land Kind Cafe recently opened their second and third locations – one on Oak Lawn and one on Lovers Lane! And the original on Greenville (pictured above) is so cute.

2. White Rock Coffee

I love a good walk around White Rock Lake. But after 3 hours (9+ miles!), I’m ready for a pick-me-up.

Post-walk, I like to drive (definitely drive – my legs are jelly after 9 miles!) to one of the White Rock Coffee locations in the Lakewood / Lake Highlands area. Recently, I’ve been frequenting the Lakewood location as it is a drive-through (and is on my way home).

White Rock Coffee is consistently on lists of the best local coffee shops in Dallas. They have a variety of drinks which you can customize as well as smoothies. On the food side, I’m a big fan of their lunch menu. Their chicken salad on croissant is *chef’s kiss* delicious.

3. The Wild Detectives

Okay, this one also isn’t walking distance for me… but it’s well worth the drive! I actually first went to The Wild Detectives on a date a few years ago. The guy wasn’t a match for me, but this super cute local Dallas coffee shop definitely was!

This Bishop Arts spot is part coffee shop, part bar, and part bookstore. It’s a great place for a date as they serve everything from coffee to cocktails. The coffee isn’t fancy and the food options are extremely limited, but I still highly recommend it as a stop on your next excursion to Oak Cliff. The Wild Detectives has a fun, artsy vibe and A+ people watching. Plus, even if the date is a bust, you can still pick up a great book!

4. Ascension Coffee

Ascension was my coffee shop of choice during grad school. My friends and I would spend an entire day there! Their avocado toast is the bomb. The 9 spice chai latte might just be my favorite of all time. Their flatbreads and the cheese and meat board are the perfect accompaniment to an afternoon work/study session. AND THEY SERVE WINE.

And now you know why I love it so much.

Ascension Coffee has a handful of locations across the DFW area. I tend to frequent their Uptown (Crescent Court) location and their Design District (Oak Lawn) location as those are walking distance for me.

5. Weekend Coffee

I spent my summer internship during my MBA program working for a consulting company. My client was in Downtown Dallas, near The Joule Hotel. As a result, almost all of our team lunches and happy hours were at one of the hotel restaurants. And all of our coffee breaks and all of my mentorship chats – with no exceptions – took place at Weekend Coffee. To say I frequented Weekend Coffee that summer would be an understatement. At certain points in the summer, it would even be an understatement to say I went to Weekend Coffee daily!

Weekend Coffee is the coffee shop the ground floor of The Joule. The menu is straightforward. Food options are limited, but the drip coffee is great. Despite what you would expect (especially given that The Joule is a nice hotel), the pricing isn’t outrageous in the slightest. Plus, since it’s in a trendy hotel, the people watching is top notch!

6. Otto’s Coffee & Fine Foods

Another great hotel coffee shop! Otto’s Coffee & Fine Foods is located on the ground floor of The Adolphus Hotel in Downtown Dallas. The hotel is swanky, with gorgeous wood paneling and cool, modern-meets-midcentury decor. The coffee shop is no exception.

When I have the time, I like to grab a table with a friend, order pastries and coffee, and gab as we get some work done. When I don’t have the time (like on days when I walk from Victory Park to the Farmer’s Market with a friend), their to-go window is the perfect solution!

As a warning, Otto’s Coffee & Fine Foods is definitely a pricier spot. Their coffees cost anywhere from $2 to over $6, and their food items get into the double digits. But the vibe is so great, you tend to forgive the egregious prices.

7. Magnolia Sous Le Pont

Hidden in the Harwood District, between Victory Park and Uptown, you’ll find Magnolia Sous Le Pont. It’s super colorful – ya can’t miss it.

In the event you didn’t get the hint from the name, when you visit Magnolia Sous Le Pont, you’ll feel like you’ve left Dallas and are seated at a French cafe. I particularly like sitting outside when it’s a nice day. The bistro tables really add to the Parisian vibe… and there’s often wisteria hanging from the bridge above!

The menu is fairly extensive and I love their tea selection! Also Magnolia Sous Le Pont is one of the only places I’ve been able to find egg white breakfast tacos and I’m about. it.

8. Merit Coffee

I’m actually not 100% positive that Merit Coffee is originally from Dallas… but there’s a location less than 10 minutes (walking) from my house, so it makes the list. Merit Coffee is good. Like damn good. When you step inside, you can tell that they take their coffee-making seriously.

Fun fact: they have an associated roasting company so you can buy their coffee beans at Whole Foods! I know this because I buy their coffee beans legit every other week (we’re big fans of Merit Coffee in my house!).

PS not in Texas? You can buy their beans online here!

I first went to Merit Coffee on a date a few years ago. The date ended with me getting attacked by swans (no, I’m not kidding). I didn’t see him again, but I did go back to Merit. Like the very next day. Coffee is definitely their specialty, but they have a wide array of other drinks (teas, etc), baked goods, and even Tacodeli tacos at the locations in Dallas!

9. Boulangerie by Village Baking Co.

Boulangerie is the most recent addition to my list of the best local coffee shops in Dallas. They’ve had a location in Lower Greenville and I always loved stopping in whenever I was in that part of town… But I never actually grabbed coffee there (only bought their incredible bread!), so I didn’t think it was right to include it on my lists.

However, they recently opened a location just off of Knox (by the Katy Trail). Now that it’s walking distance for me, I find myself popping by Boulangerie at least once a month! In fact, just this past weekend, a friend and I walked from my house to Boulangerie to grab coffees to go and a croissant to share.

From the moment you step inside Boulangerie, you feel like you’re in a French bakery. The entire shop smells delicious (yes, even through a face mask!). Their croissants are hands-down the best in Dallas (and the biggest) and they have a top-notch selection of breads, pastries, sandwiches, and other baked goods. Their coffee is incredibly flavorful. Just trust me: go.

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