Wow. Excuse my language, but just... holy shit. I didn't realize it before seeing this production of Turandot at the Met, but seeing this production of Turandot at the Met was definitely a bucket list item. Just... wow. I highly highly recommend adding it to your bucket list too - even if you don't particularly consider yourself an "opera fan" (trust me - you'll be a fan of this one).

What to Wear to a Friday Night Opera

So, is it weird I had never seen Othello - or Otello, for that matter - before Friday night. I had a rough idea of the story of Otello and Desdemona - husband and wife in love, husband gets jealous for truly no apparent reason, husband kills wife, husband finds out wife was innocent, husband commits suicide, curtain. Pretty easy to follow.

Anna Bolena

What I’m Wearing: < p style=”text-align: center;”>Dress: Ted Baker, old (similar) / Purse: Chanel / Heels: Cole Haan Earrings: J.Crew,…